how to lose weight fast for women

How To Lose Weight Fast for Women With These 5 Effective Tips

Ever wonder why weight loss is so challenging for most women? This article will explain why losing weight fast seems to be a difficulty and recommend 5 effective tips on how to lose weight fast for women.

Women are more obsessed with weight loss than men, and believe it or not, it’s not just the magazines and their skinny models to blame for it. There’s actually something in the X-chromosome that makes weight loss a bit more challenging for females. The important factor that good nutritionists now consider in giving tips to lose weight fast for women are: hormones.

In her book published in 2001, Women, Weight, and Hormones, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet explains why women are more prone to food cravings and fat build-up. She says that our predisposition to store more fat is actually an evolutionary trait that was built for a time when food was still scarce.

how to lose weight fast for womenFor example, the second half of the menstrual cycle usually comes with strong cravings for sweet, salty or oily food (yes ladies, those are not imaginary), which are caused by a spike in the levels of a hormone called progesterone. The increase in appetite triggered by the said hormone helps ensure that there will be proper nutrition to support ovulation and fertilization.

However, the difference in food availability then and now is something that your hormones can’t discern. Back in the day, women had to search through forests and climb trees just to gather a dozen of fruits, while you now just go over a counter to pay cash in exchange for a dozen of doughnuts.

Aside from hormone cycles programmed in your genes, Dr. Vliet also argues that “Men created most diets, and most diets are tested on men.” One example she cites in her book was the high-carbohydrate, low-fat meal plan which was popular in the 1980’s. It worked on men since their muscle mass burned the carbohydrates immediately, while the same carbs are stored more readily as fat in women.

When women follow the high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets—and that included me, until I realized what was happening—we are on the wrong meal plan balance for our unique metabolic makeup”, Dr. Vliet writes.

Therefore, one should ask, can a woman manage her hormones so she can achieve weight loss naturally? Fortunately, the answer is yes, especially if you’re still in your reproductive years. There are many ways to get a more figure-friendly mix of hormones, and we’re here to share those tips with you.

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5 Effective Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast For Women

Tip #1. Go for whole foods.

Women’s bodies are more likely to store extra calories as fat, and whole or unprocessed foods are nature’s solution to that. Prefer whole gain over processed grain, whole fruit instead of juice, and real meat instead of deli. Whole foods have more complex carbohydrates and protein, which takes longer to metabolize compared with processed food; the latter of which are quick to create an energy surplus which would otherwise be stored as fat if you don’t get moving immediately.

Lose Weight Fast for Women Tip #2. Get physical.

Experts recommend at least an hour of physical activity per day, for at least five times a week, to prevent weight gain from hormonal imbalance. You can do this by walking instead of driving to a nearby grocery store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and even by regularly scrubbing the floor of different parts of your house.

Tip #3. Fight stress.

Fighting stress does not only help you feel better, it also helps you lose weight. The stress hormone cortisol has a well-established stimulating effect on ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone. (That’s why there’s such a thing called “stress-eating”.) Common ways to de-stress come in a wide variety ways, from getting a relaxing massage, to spending quality time with loved ones, to even seeking help from a therapist.

Tip #4. Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep is also something that your body interprets as a sign of elevated stress, and we’ve already mentioned the correlation between stress and overeating. Furthermore, getting enough sleep has also been proven to elevate the levels of leptin, the hormone which acts as an appetite-suppressant. Experts consider 7-9 hours of undisturbed night-time sleep as the ideal range for adults.

Tip #5. Treat yourself.

We’ve all been there, and sometimes, you just can’t help but give in to those cravings. However, reaching out for a slice of rich chocolate cake should not mean defeat. You can still have that occasional sweet, salty or greasy treat—whichever you prefer—as long as you keep it in small portions and few occasions. To help you further, chew slowly and savor your favorite treat in small bites, so you’ll get more satisfied and not end up asking for more.

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