How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

A 3-Step Guide On How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

 A Simple Guide On How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

If you’re an underweight woman, should you do something about it? Your friends might tell you otherwise—but you should. Gaining weight is easy, but you have to do it right.

Being underweight can put you at risk of developing osteoporosis, anemia, menstrual irregularities and pregnancy complications. Moreover, not having enough stored fat in your body can make focusing and sustaining energy difficult for you.

Want to aim for your ideal weight? Here’s a simple guide on how to gain weight fast for females.

Reach your ideal weight fast by following these 3 simple steps on how to gain weight fast for females.

Step #1. Check your health condition.

How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

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Regardless if you have always had a low body mass index or you just experienced a sudden weight loss a few months back, you should visit a doctor and get yourself checked. This is because being underweight can be caused by one or more underlying health conditions, which you should also address if you want to experience healthy weight gain fast.

Being underweight can be a symptom of chronic stress, eating disorders or thyroid problems.  Sometimes, the problem could even be as simple as dental cavities which keep you from chewing painlessly and enjoying your food—therefore reducing your appetite.

Nevertheless, any underlying health concern should not be neglected. If you want to achieve a healthier body weight, you must solve a problem form its root. Depending on the cause, you should take extra measures to address these health concerns. Treatment of severe eating disorders will have to be accompanied by psychotherapy. If you suffer from hyperthyroidism, you may also have to take anti-thyroid medications.

Who knows, the solution to your weight problem could be just one dentist appointment away.

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Step #2. Change your diet.

Like it or not, you need to adopt new eating habits in order to gain weight fast. They don’t have to be big, radical changes at all—you can take in small habits one step at a time.

Start by developing the habit of healthy snacking. Match one granola bar with a glass of milk tea for afternoon snack and you’ve already added about 300 calories to your diet. If you think you don’t have time to enjoy an afternoon break, leave half a cup of roasted mixed nuts on your desk and consume it little by little as you go about your work. That way, you’ll be consuming an additional 400 calories without even noticing it!

You should also learn to prepare healthy, high-calorie staples in your diet. Learn an avocado and egg spread recipe that you can keep in your fridge for 3-5 days and use as a sandwich filling or side dish. Pasta can be served with oil-based or cream-based sauce, so experiment with new recipes. This way, you’ll be looking forward to the next meal, and not get tired with the same old spaghetti with meat balls.

Mayonnaise and peanut butter are also some calorie-dense food that you can easily overlook. Did you know that each tablespoon of these contain about 90 calories? Find out exciting ways to add these food items into more dishes and pastries, respectively.

Also, don’t try to speed up your weight gain by eating what most dieters try to avoid: chips, soda and candies. Some foodstuff are just plain unhealthy; and if they’re bad for people trying to lose weight, they’re also bad for you.

Step #3. Build more muscles.

Exercise will play a key role in ensuring that you gain healthy weight. The range of ideal body fat percentage for adult females is between 21-24%. Since you are constantly consuming more calories than you need, if you proceed without exercise, you might exceed that limit. When that happens, you’ll be at risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and some types of cancers. Therefore, get yourself started on an exercise program that will help speed up weight gain.

Light weightlifting is a great exercise program to enroll in if you are trying to gain weight. This type of exercise focuses on building muscles, without much emphasis on burning calories. Also, if you suffer from poor posture and weakness—which generally goes with being underweight—you’ll reap the extra benefit of improved posture and stronger muscles.

So there you have it: check-up, diet and exercise. These are the 3 simple steps you need to remember on how to gain weight fast for females.

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