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how to gain weight quickly with flax seeds

How to Gain Weight Quickly with the Healthy Benefits of Flaxseeds

Want to know how to gain weight quickly? Fill your diet with flaxseeds—an excellent source of protein, fiber and essential fats.

Here’s the latest health trend that you can add to your list of kitchen must-haves for healthy weight gain: flax seeds.

Flaxseeds or linseed are seeds from the flowering plant, Linum Usitatissimum. It may sound like some kind of a recent health discovery; but actually, flaxseed is one of the oldest known sources of fiber in the world.

It is known to have been first cultivated by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese.

Read further to find out more about the benefits you can get from this highly nutritious food.

Health Benefits Of Flax seeds

how to gain weight quickly with flax seedsIt’s a smart way to add calories to your diet since it is an excellent source of protein, fiber and essential fats.

Two tablespoons of flaxseed contain about 4 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

Flaxseed is also dense in folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus—all of which are important minerals that help regulate the metabolism.

A tablespoon for flaxseed oil already contains 125 calories—so adding one tablespoon to each meal is a great way to boost your calorie intake.

As someone who is looking for ways on how to gain weight quickly, flaxseed offers a great opportunity to add healthy calories to your regular meals.

Flaxseed, when used at the right dose, doesn’t alter the tastes of your food much; but in terms of increasing the health benefit, it does a lot.

Another excellent benefit you can get from flaxseed oil comes from its high essential fatty acid content. Specifically, flaxseed is rich in a type of essential fat called alpha-linoleic acid.

This essential fat is converted into Omega-3 fatty acid in the body, which plays an important role in lowering levels of bad cholesterol, increasing insulin-sensitivity of muscles and assist in steroid production.

Since the fat you get from flaxseed and flaxseed oil is heavily utilized by the body, it’s a great way to increase your fat intake without risking unhealthy weight gain.

You should also take advantage of the disease-preventing properties of this product. Remember that although you are skinny on the outside, you are not immune to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

How To Gain Weight Quickly By Adding Flax seeds to Your Favorite Food and Beverage.

You can add flaxseed to your diet by either adding the seeds or oil. Seeds can provide you with the additional benefit of protein, fiber and minerals while the oil contains more alpha-linoleic acid and calories.

Seeds are usually added to shakes and baked goods while the oil is often drizzled on soups, salad and cereal.

If you go with seeds, make sure you include a grinding or crushing step as you prepare it, since the husk can go undigested in your GI tract. This can be done by mixing with fruits and ice in a blender, or pounding it with ginger, garlic or pepper.

Most bodybuilders add flaxseed to their post-workout drinks by blending it with protein powders and some fruits.

That’s a good idea because aside from the protein, flaxseed is also rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are some minerals your body needs to restore ion balance after a tough workout.

If you want to maximize the cardiovascular health benefit from flaxseed oil, avoid cooking or exposing it to heat. Alpha-linoleic acid is easily oxidized with heat, making it less effective in controlling your cholesterol levels.

However, if you just want the protein, fiber and extra calories, cooking with flaxseed oil will not change the value and quality of these nutrients.

The interest on this “neglected food” has just been revived fairly recently, thanks to the resourcefulness of some nutrition experts who looked at ancient practices for inspiration to modern fitness trends.

Some of the most groundbreaking research that will uncover and prove the other benefits of flaxseed are yet to come; but so far, we already know that it is an excellent source of high-quality calories.

So go ahead, take advantage of the many benefits of this food and see how it helps you achieve your ideal weight.

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5 Ways to Gain Weight

5 Ways to Gain Weight for Extremely Busy People

Gaining weight can be tough for those who are skinny and always on the go.  If you’re an extremely busy person who can’t even enjoy a full hour of lunch at work, here are 5 convenient ways to gain weight.

Are you an insanely busy, career-oriented person? Then perhaps that’s one of the reasons you’ve put off your plans to aim for your ideal weight for a long time. All those stressful hours at work and occasional all-nighters are not just making you lose more weight—they’re also keeping you from making an effort to gain them.

Good news: there are now many convenient and effortless ways to gain weight for busy people like you. Today, we’re showing you 5 weight gain tricks that we promise won’t take even an hour of your time.

5 Ways to Gain Weight

Here are 5 easy and efficient ways to gain weight for busy people like you.

#1. Replace water with milkshakes.

Whether you’re in an important meeting or you’re stuck in a convention, you are certainly allowed to carry around a bottle of water. If your workplace doesn’t allow brining lunch to meetings, liquids make an easy exemption because even your bosses understand that you need to be hydrated from time to time.

So, instead of just brining along water with you, why not replace the contents of your tumbler with something that will give you healthy calories? Prepare a milkshake with whole milk, ice, honey and calorie-dense fruits such as avocado, banana and mango—and you instantly have a 300-calorie beverage. If you’re lactose-intolerant, you may replace whole milk with soya milk instead.

#2. Set aside a cup of healthy snacks.

Mixed nuts and peanuts are a great snacking option for people who want to lose weight. Depending on whether it is toasted with oil or not, a cup of mixed nuts can contain 500-800 calories per cup. That’s the approximate amount of calories you can get from one full meal!

Aside from being loaded with calories, this snack can also give you the benefits of protein, healthy fats, fiber and minerals. If you set aside a cup of mixed nuts on your office desk, or munch on it during your downtime at home while watching TV or reading, you can consume all these healthy calories without paying much attention to it.

#3. Prepare D.I.Y. fat- and protein-based sauces and spreads.

Make your weekends more productive by preparing calorie-rich spreads and sauces that you can use throughout the week. Sauces and spreads are not only a great way to add as much as 150 calories to your meals; if done right, they can also make your food more appetizing.

Try making a delicious and protein-rich cheese sauce by adding and parsley, basil and chili powder to a regular cheese spread. Mash a piece of avocado and add cumin and cilantro for an easy, all-around guacamole that’s rich in healthy fat. You can also add generous amounts of olive oil to honey, lemon juice, pepper and mustard seeds; and use that mixture as salad dressing and marinade for your lean meats.

#4. Outsource your meals.

A lot of weight gain advice would tell you to eat more protein, complex carbohydrates, fats and natural sugar—but what if you just don’t have time to go to the grocery and prepare your own food? Luckily, there are now food delivery services that offer meals based on your nutritional requirements, be it high-protein or high-calorie. So make sure you order the healthy foods that help you gain weight.

Check the internet to see which businesses can deliver food to your office or home. Subscription to these services might sound pricey at first but if you consider the time and effort you put in planning your own meals, going to the grocery and cooking food yourself, it could be a really good deal.

#5. Do 20-Minute bodybuilding workouts at home.

If you’re a very busy person, going to the gym might be something that just won’t fit into your schedule. Or perhaps after working overtime, you would rather head straight home than spend a few more hours outside. Well, you can still gain healthy weight by building muscle at home through 20-minute bodybuilding workouts designed by professional trainers.

There are a lot of instructional videos you can download from the internet; and the best thing about these workouts is that you only need your body and a healthy amount of determination to do them. These workouts are usually composed of 8-2 reps of push-ups, squat jumps, squats and planks. Another benefit of doing these at-home exercises is that you don’t need to spend on gym membership anymore just to grow those muscles.

You see, gaining healthy weight doesn’t have to take too much time from your schedule. Once you get the right information, you’ll learn that there are many ways to gain weight without making drastic changes to your hectic daily routine.

How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

A 3-Step Guide On How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

 A Simple Guide On How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

If you’re an underweight woman, should you do something about it? Your friends might tell you otherwise—but you should. Gaining weight is easy, but you have to do it right.

Being underweight can put you at risk of developing osteoporosis, anemia, menstrual irregularities and pregnancy complications. Moreover, not having enough stored fat in your body can make focusing and sustaining energy difficult for you.

Want to aim for your ideal weight? Here’s a simple guide on how to gain weight fast for females.

Reach your ideal weight fast by following these 3 simple steps on how to gain weight fast for females.

Step #1. Check your health condition.

How To Gain Weight Fast For Females

Image source: Flickr

Regardless if you have always had a low body mass index or you just experienced a sudden weight loss a few months back, you should visit a doctor and get yourself checked. This is because being underweight can be caused by one or more underlying health conditions, which you should also address if you want to experience healthy weight gain fast.

Being underweight can be a symptom of chronic stress, eating disorders or thyroid problems.  Sometimes, the problem could even be as simple as dental cavities which keep you from chewing painlessly and enjoying your food—therefore reducing your appetite.

Nevertheless, any underlying health concern should not be neglected. If you want to achieve a healthier body weight, you must solve a problem form its root. Depending on the cause, you should take extra measures to address these health concerns. Treatment of severe eating disorders will have to be accompanied by psychotherapy. If you suffer from hyperthyroidism, you may also have to take anti-thyroid medications.

Who knows, the solution to your weight problem could be just one dentist appointment away.

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Step #2. Change your diet.

Like it or not, you need to adopt new eating habits in order to gain weight fast. They don’t have to be big, radical changes at all—you can take in small habits one step at a time.

Start by developing the habit of healthy snacking. Match one granola bar with a glass of milk tea for afternoon snack and you’ve already added about 300 calories to your diet. If you think you don’t have time to enjoy an afternoon break, leave half a cup of roasted mixed nuts on your desk and consume it little by little as you go about your work. That way, you’ll be consuming an additional 400 calories without even noticing it!

You should also learn to prepare healthy, high-calorie staples in your diet. Learn an avocado and egg spread recipe that you can keep in your fridge for 3-5 days and use as a sandwich filling or side dish. Pasta can be served with oil-based or cream-based sauce, so experiment with new recipes. This way, you’ll be looking forward to the next meal, and not get tired with the same old spaghetti with meat balls.

Mayonnaise and peanut butter are also some calorie-dense food that you can easily overlook. Did you know that each tablespoon of these contain about 90 calories? Find out exciting ways to add these food items into more dishes and pastries, respectively.

Also, don’t try to speed up your weight gain by eating what most dieters try to avoid: chips, soda and candies. Some foodstuff are just plain unhealthy; and if they’re bad for people trying to lose weight, they’re also bad for you.

Step #3. Build more muscles.

Exercise will play a key role in ensuring that you gain healthy weight. The range of ideal body fat percentage for adult females is between 21-24%. Since you are constantly consuming more calories than you need, if you proceed without exercise, you might exceed that limit. When that happens, you’ll be at risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and some types of cancers. Therefore, get yourself started on an exercise program that will help speed up weight gain.

Light weightlifting is a great exercise program to enroll in if you are trying to gain weight. This type of exercise focuses on building muscles, without much emphasis on burning calories. Also, if you suffer from poor posture and weakness—which generally goes with being underweight—you’ll reap the extra benefit of improved posture and stronger muscles.

So there you have it: check-up, diet and exercise. These are the 3 simple steps you need to remember on how to gain weight fast for females.

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How Can I Gain Weight Fast

I Used To Ask How Can I Gain Weight Fast and I Found 5 Solutions

5 Answers to the Question, “How Can I Gain Weight Fast?”

Most people are eager to find fast and effective ways to lose those extra pounds, but there are also a significant number of people whose problem is exactly the opposite. They look at themselves in the mirror and wonder how they can put on some badly needed weight.

How Can I Gain Weight FastAlthough obesity is a much more common problem in America, being too thin is also a serious health problem that needs to be addressed. Being truly healthy means having the correct weight for your height, age, body type and lifestyle.

Because obesity is so much more common, many people dismiss the difficulty of solving the problem of being underweight. Packing on the pounds seems all too easy. Simply gorge on fatty food, chug down soft drinks and consume piles of candy and junk food, and you will add inches to your waist all too quickly.

While it’s true that binge eating and a high-cholesterol, high-sugar diet will add to your weight, these are not at all healthy practices. The goal, after all, is to improve your physical fitness, and not just to put on weight because you think you look too thin. Remember, a genuinely beautiful body is first and foremost a healthy one.

Ideally, gaining weight safely and effectively doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here are five simple and effective tips on how to put on weight, without resorting to unhealthy binge eating.

Here Are 5 Healthy Answers for the Question, “How Can I Gain Weight?”

#1. Eat denser foods that are high in nutrition and protein.

The kind of food you want to eat isn’t necessarily fattier food. What you want is food that has higher nutritional content. Ideally, you should take a look at the calories and nutritional information, but even without all the numbers, there are plenty of simple substitutions that are quite effective.

For example, instead of drinking water, drink milk or juice. Milk is rich not only in fats, but also in much-needed protein and calcium. Juice isn’t just a source of sugar, it’s also a source of vitamins.

Instead of white bread, choose denser whole grain bread. Instead of clear soup, choose chowders and other thick soup. Remember, what you want is denser food that will give your body the protein and vitamins it needs to build itself up, not just fat.

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#2. Always make sure to eat at least three meals a day.

No matter how busy you are, or how much you may be tempted to just eat a piece of toast before rushing out the door, make sure you eat three complete meals a day. This means every meal should consist of a balance of food from the major food groups.

With every meal, you should be consuming carbohydrates, lipids, protein, vitamins and minerals. While it is always better to have a hearty meal, if you are pressed for time, adding all the food groups to your diet doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Put butter on that toast, eat some fruit, wash it down with a glass of milk, and then you can rush out the door. Just remember that if you really want to put on much-needed weight, you’ll take the time to sit down for a good, leisurely meal every chance you get.

Supplying your body with all the nutrients it needs is essential to your health, no matter what weight you’re trying to achieve.

#3. During the day, don’t let more than four hours pass without eating something.

The reason some people lack the weight they need is that they eat too little because they feel full too quickly. If this is your problem, trying to force yourself to eat more at one sitting is not a good solution.

This could upset your digestive system, and that would not only be uncomfortable, it would also be counter-productive to your goal of gaining weight. If your body isn’t properly digesting and assimilating what you eat, you aren’t going to be putting on the pounds you need.

Increase the number of times you eat, and be consistent about the time of your meals and snacks. Space them out to give your body time to digest the food properly.

#4. Eat just before you sleep.

Your body does a lot of its work of repair and regeneration while you sleep. Eating close to bedtime will ensure that it has all the building blocks it needs. Your dinner doesn’t have to be heavy on the stomach, it just has to be nutritious. If your dinner time and bed time are far apart, have a snack before you turn in for the night.

Good options include fruit like mangoes or avocadoes, hummus, cheese or even a peanut-butter, jelly sandwich or protein shakes.

#6. Stay active.

Do muscle-building and strength-training exercises, such as weight-lifting. A truly healthy and practical approach to weight gain combines a good diet with good exercise.

Most people think of exercise as primarily a means of losing weight, not gaining it, but body weight isn’t just made up of fat. A significant amount of it is also muscle. Depending upon what kind of exercises you do, you can build up your body’s muscle, increase your weight, and improve your over-all health.

All that protein you have been consuming isn’t designed for your body to store away, it’s meant to build up your muscle and tissue. Exercise will ensure your body puts it to good use.

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Food to gain weight

7 Healthy Choices of Food to Gain Weight

To Gain Healthy Weight, You Need To Eat Healthy Food To Gain Weight

Trying to gain weight? Don’t gobble down double cheeseburgers and family-sized pizza. Instead, stuff your meals with healthy food to gain weight the right way.

If your doctor advises you to eat more food to gain weight, you are one of the few “lucky ones”. Your friends might slightly envy you, because while most of them are skipping dessert to maintain their sizes; you, on the other hand, can’t make up your mind between blueberry cheesecake and tiramisu—so you might just have a slice of both.

But have you ever met someone so skinny you’d never thought they had high cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes? Like you, they were once the “lucky ones”, too—only not so lucky now.

Trying to gain weight is indeed a far easier task than losing it; but if you’re not careful, unhealthy food choices can permanently ruin your health. Yes you are lucky because you can eat anything you want without having to switch sizes; but this also means that sugar and cholesterol could be piling up in your bloodstream without your body giving a fair warning.

So instead of grabbing unlimited soda, chips, burger and pizza—choose from our list of food to gain weight the healthy way. These foods provide the calories you need to gain weight without putting your health on the line.

Food to gain weight

Underweight? Choose From This List Of Nutritious, Calorie-Dense Food To Gain Weight.

#1. Avocado

One cup of diced avocadoes contains 240 calories and about 18 grams of unsaturated fat (code for “healthy fat”). Aside from calories, it also contains generous amounts of fiber, folate, vitamins E and K, B-vitamins and vitamin C. Mash them with eggs to make a breakfast spread, dice and spice them up for guacamole or blend it with milk and honey for a milkshake—this fruit is also very versatile, you won’t run out of preparation ideas for it!

#2. Tropical fruits

When it comes to adding on weight, avocadoes aren’t your only fruits of choice. Tropical fruits such as banana, mango, papaya and pineapple are also rich in natural fruit sugar, which make them a great dessert choice for people trying to gain weight. Peel and slice them for dessert or blend them with ice and milk for a refreshing fruit smoothie.

#3. Nuts

Instead of munching on chips or candies, nuts should be your number one choice of snack. Tree nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnut, cashew and pistachio are generally high in protein, healthy fat and fiber. Set aside half a cup of oil-roasted mixed nuts on your desk everyday for a nutritious, 400-calorie substitute for empty calories.

#4. Whole Fat Milk

When trying to gain weight, there’s no harm in swapping your regular low-fat or skimmed milk with its richer, creamier version. Whole fat milk contains about 150 calories per cup; and is packed with more fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D and E. Enjoy it with your breakfast cereal or as a shake with any of the fruits mentioned above.

#5. Potatoes

As you try to increase your weight, you should also pack on natural, healthy carbohydrate foods—such as potatoes. One medium-sized potato contains about 160 calories. Best eaten unpeeled to retain more fiber, potassium and iron—this root crop should be a dinner staple for those who are trying to gain weight. Slice them into wedges and bake with some olive oil, parmesan cheese and paprika for a great dinner side dish or afternoon snack.

#6. Whole Wheat Bread

One slice of whole wheat bread contains about 70 calories. Whole wheat bread will also give you the benefit of better digestion since each slice contains about 2 grams of dietary fiber. Use 2-3 slices for your breakfast or lunch sandwiches for sustained energy throughout the day.

#7. Natural Peanut Butter

One tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 95 calories. Best toasted with a slice of whole wheat bread, peanut butter is also a great choice since it is rich in protein and fat. Go for the all-natural varieties that contain less additives and more real peanut in it. With natural peanut butter, you can get the full benefits of protein, iron, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

With all these healthy and delicious choices of food to gain weight, putting on more weight should now be more enjoyable and guilt-free for you.

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