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How To Lose Weight Quickly

How To Lose Weight Quickly With These 3 Best Tips

How To Lose Weight QuicklyThere are some factors that contribute to your overall body weight and if you want to know how to lose weight quickly, you need to understand these factors. They are: the percentage of your muscle mass, bone density, body fat, and water comprises your total body weight.

Obviously, it’s not quite possible for you to manipulate your bone density. You can do something about your muscle mass but it takes a while for you to get those muscles lean and in shape to help your weight loss plan. Water is necessary for your total vitality, so that is something that you would want to maintain.

If you want to lose weight quickly, you are left with one factor that you can manipulate, and that is the amount of your body fat. The best way to lose the amount of your body fat is by eating less.

Everything that you eat that does not convert into energy is stored as fat and if you are just starting to try to lose weight, working out regularly might be too tedious. So for now, you should start managing your weight by eating less.

Here are the 3 best how to lose weight quickly tips by eating less.

How To Lose Weight Quickly By Eating Less – 3 Tips

Tip #1 – Pick foods that will fill you up for a longer period of time

The reason why you eat more than you should is because you are eating the wrong kinds of food.

Sure, a burger or pizza can easily fill you up, but wait for an hour or two and you are hungry again. It’s because these foods are full of carbohydrates that pass through your stomach like water in a funnel.

What’s worse about these kinds of foods is that they don’t get easily eliminated by your body. They all end up being stored as fat in your intestines which you can see externally as your love handles.

You should pick foods that take a while to digest, so you don’t feel hungry right away. Also, you must pick foods that are easily eliminated by the body. I’m talking about fiber and protein-rich foods and fat-burning foods.

Unrefined foods such as brown rice, whole wheat foods, whole oats, quinoa, and lentils are just a few of examples of foods that provides a good source of fiber and protein.

Don’t get the idea wrong, though, not because they get eliminated easily, it means that you get hungry right away.

Think of it this way, these foods stay in your stomach for a good amount of time, which means you won’t feel hungry, and then, they get eliminated and do not get stored as fat, therefore making you lose weight and eat less.


Tip #2 – Have a heavy breakfast

You’ve heard it all before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not everyone is just into it. If you are dedicated to losing weight, you must start to make having heavy breakfast a routine.

Having a heavy breakfast fuels your body instantly and it will make you feel hungry a lot less than you used to during the day. Get a breakfast that is not only healthy but is also rich in fiber and protein.

Avoid eating cereals that has too many artificial sweeteners and white bread that is high in calorie. Always opt for foods that are less refined and organic. To make eating breakfast more fun, be creative in preparing your meals.

Tip #3 – Plan your meals ahead

If you know what your next meal will be, it will give you full control of the foods that are entering your body, therefore, you can always monitor if you have been eating more than you should.

Once you go to a restaurant hungry, you will tend to order anything on the menu that is just delicious and very appetizing without thinking about its contents. If this happens regularly, then it will be harder for you to lose weight.

So, it is so much better if you make your own food or at least plan the meals that you should have for the rest of the week ahead of time.

By planning your meals when you are relaxed and not hungry, you will avoid consuming excess foods in the long run. Practicing this will not only make you eat less but will also help you save time and money.

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How To Reduce Weight

21 Hacks On How To Reduce Weight Fast

Losing weight is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and discipline to achieve your desired figure. Today we’ve put up a list on how to reduce weight with 21 effective tips to help you ease out the process.

Here Are 21 Tips To Reduce Weight

Tip #1 – Do some research

Before you jump into a diet or any work-out plan, learn about important matters first. You don’t need to get a course in Physiology or health studies, but you should, at least, know basic things about how your body works.

Tip #2 – Get inspired

Post pictures of your favorite inspirational quotes on places where you look at most of the time to keep you motivated.

If you are inspired by a celebrity or someone else’s figure, make photos of them your cell phone background. It will constantly remind you of your dream figure. Weight loss motivation is needed to help you achieve your goal faster.

high protein meals for weight lossTip #3 – Cut-out on carbs

We need carbohydrates for energy, but too much of it would be stored as fat, mostly in your tummy. So, keep it to a minimum and make sure that you are getting it from healthy sources such as fruits and vegetables, instead of getting it from pizza or burger.

Tip #4 – Get more protein

Protein is another good source of energy. Another good thing about it is that it will make you feel full a lot easier compared to carbs. Therefore, it will make you eat less.

Tip #5 – Protein shakes

Protein shakes are very popular nowadays. But, you must know the proper way of taking it if you want to lose weight.

It is not something that you add to your meals, because when you do that, it will make you gain more weight. Protein shake alone should be used as a full meal substitute if you want to lose weight.

Tip #6 – Eat good fat

Not all kinds of fat can make you fat. Some sources of good fats come from olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and salmon. Yes! Coconut oil is good for weight loss!

The fats that you get from these foods are mostly omega 3 fatty acids that help regulate blood cholesterol levels and also improves your metabolism.


Tip #7 – Eat fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods will not only make you feel full easily, it also improves your metabolism and digestion. Green, leafy vegetables are good sources of protein as well as fruits with pulp and those with thick skin like that of apples.

Tip #8 – Water

If you have been searching for ways on how to reduce weight for a while, then this should not be new to you.

Drinking water will not only help you reduce weight, but it will also keep you hydrated and more energized throughout the day.

The trick is, drink a glass of water before meals, another glass after meals, one glass a few minutes after waking up and another one about an hour before going to bed.

Check these drinks to lose weight because they are very effective.

grilled food weight lossTip #9 – Food preparation

Always consider how your food is prepared. Too much oil while cooking is not good for your health and it will make losing weight even harder. You can have your food grilled or steamed instead.

Tip #10 – Avoid eat-outs

In reference to the previous tip, you do not fully know how your food is prepared whenever you eat in restaurants. You do not know if they recycle the cooking oil that they use; and if they do, that is not good for your blood cholesterol levels.

It is best to prepare your own food and in the long run, you will see that it also saves you a lot of money.

Tip #11 – Clean out your food cabinet

Remove all the sweets and junk foods in your pantry. If you don’t see them you would not want them. these foods are called junk for a reason, and the reason is that these foods are packed with a lot of calories but they do not make you feel full.

They are useless for your body and usually, they have high sodium content which will make your body store more fats. Fill-up your food cabinet and refrigerator with healthy foods instead; like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and granola bars. It’s hard to switch at first, but if you are committed to reducing some weight, it will be all worth the sacrifice.

Tip #12 – Say NO to alcohol

Yes, it is fun to hang out with friends once in a while over some beer, but this will do you no good if you really want to lose weight. Alcohol plays a big role in your tummy fat and that is the hardest fat to lose. So, by cutting out on alcohol, you are not only doing your liver a big favor but also, it will help you lose weight.

Tip #13 – Say NO to soda

To make it simple, soda is just sugar in a can with some flavors that will only make you feel bloated. It doesn’t do any good for your health because soda messes up your blood-sugar levels and will make your body store more fat in your tummy area.


Tip #14 – Plan your meals

Another reason why losing weight is hard is because you just eat anything on-sight whenever you get hungry. Plan your meals throughout the day ahead of time. Getting your diet meal plans right is very important.

If you are busy, then you can plan your meal for the whole week and have one day scheduled for grocery shopping and preparing your food.

It might be hard to keep up at first, but being organized with your meals will do wonders for your weight loss.

keep-calm-and-count-caloriesTip #15 – Count calories

Calorie counting is very good when you are trying to lose weight because it will serve as your guide and limit on how much food you need every day.

You can do so by simply reading the labels on your grocery items. There are some apps available online where you just have to input the item and they will automatically show you how much calorie it has.

The average daily minimum calorie required per day is 2400cal for men and 1700cal for women; but calorie requirement is also affected by your age, weight, and height.

There are also apps available online where you just have to input your data and they will automatically do the computations for you. Consulting to a dietitian would be more accurate.

Tip #16 – Make a food journal

You have to keep track of everything that you eat. With this, you will know which food combinations are giving you more weight loss results. Make sure to write everything. Even the foods you eat during your cheat day.

Tip #17 – Portion control

No matter how healthy you eat, if you eat more than you are supposed to, then you will not lose weight. Your body has a natural way of telling you that you have had enough.

So once you feel it, stop eating. Another thing to consider is that your fist is approximately the same size as your stomach. So, if you think that you’ve already eaten about a fist full of food, then that should be enough for that meal.

Tip #18 – Exercise regularly

Of course, dieting alone wouldn’t make you lose weight. You have to burn those fats. But that does not necessarily mean that you have to go to the gym religiously.

Simple tasks like cleaning your house, jogging or walking regularly are good as long as you are doing some activity every day. You don’t have to go crazy with exercise to lose weight. Just keep it simple and consistent and you will see the results.


How To Reduce WeightTip #19 – Plan your workouts

If you do have time to go to the gym, that would be better; but you should have a workout plan before doing so. You can’t do all the workouts at the same time when you go to the gym.

You will only get exhausted easily and might want to give up too early. Plan your workouts.

There are a lot of fitness professionals that have workout routines posted online that you can try out. But keep in mind that when you work out, focus on one muscle group at a time.

Also, remember to do some stretches before working out so that you don’t get muscle cramps.

Tip #20 – Get active

Find an activity that you can do during your days off. You can do some sports like, basketball, badminton, volleyball, or swimming. You can even to hiking or mountain biking. As long as you are always active, you will surely lose some weight in no time.

Tip #21 – Get good quality sleep

A lot of researchers have shown how a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Simply because when you don’t get enough rest, you always feel tired and your body will need more energy.

And where do you think your body wants to get that energy? From food of course, so you would tend to eat more when you don’t get enough sleep.

It is understandably very hard to get a 7 to 8-hour sleep when you are busy, but the important thing is the quality of your sleep.

As long as you get continuous sleep, then you will not feel tired the next day. Establishing good sleeping pattern is the key.

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Coconut Oil For Cooking Can Help You Lose Weight

Why Using Coconut Oil For Cooking Can Help You Lose Weight

Do You Use Coconut Oil For Cooking?

You should! Here’s why:

Because you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably staying away from all types of fats and oils.

Or perhaps you’ve kept a few fat sources which you think are healthy, such as olive oil and butter.

Well, you need to add one more item to that list, because in this article, we’re revealing how coconut oil helps you lose weight fast.

Coconut Oil For Cooking Can Help You Lose WeightYou must understand that coconut oil is chemically unique to other plant-based oils.

Coconut oil is mainly composed of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), while most plant-based oils such as olive oil and soybean oil contain long-chain triglycerides (LCTs).

For example, soybean oil is roughly 100% LCTs, while coconut oil is about 40% LCTs and 60% MCTs.[1]

Recently, scientists have found that MCTs behave differently in the body than most fats.

Various studies have also discovered its unique role in promoting weight loss and preventing fat accumulation.

Keep on reading to learn about the 4 incredible ways coconut oil can help you lose weight.

Here are 4 ways coconut oil helps you lose weight through the wonder of MCTs.

#1. Coconut oil helps you store less fat.

As dieters, our foremost concern about fats and oils is that it’s high and calories and it’s very likely to get stored as fat. Recently, scientists have discovered that not all fats are equal; and coconut oil is a more diet-friendly type of oil.

In one study, scientists overfed one group of rats with MCTs and the other with LCTs. They found that rats fed with MCTs stored 23% less body fat compared with LCT-fed rats after the overfeeding.

Scientists explained this observation by citing that after digestion, MCTs are completely broken down or oxidized in the liver, leaving no further opportunity for the body to store it as fat.[2]

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#2. Coconut oil increases your metabolism.

From chilli peppers to green tea, we’ve always looked for food that can increase our body’s ability to burn calories. Truly, these “thermogenic” foods are every dieter’s best friend.

Scientists recently discovered that fat-based food can give us a similar effect—coconut oil. Yes! Coconut oil is also one of the best fat burning foods.

Scientists found that MCTs can also increase a person’s daily calorie expenditure by about 5%. In this study, researchers fed healthy male volunteers with varying mixtures of MCT and LCT, and studied their energy expenditure within a 24-hour time frame through bioelectric measurements.

They found that those who were given more MCTs experienced an increased metabolic rate by an average of 500 kJ or 120 calories. Scientists recommend taking 1-2 tablespoons of MCTs daily to experience this effect.[3]


#3. Coconut oil reduces your appetite.

Perhaps the main reason many of us keep on failing in our weight loss efforts is because at some point, we give in to our cravings. Believe it or not, coconut oil can also help us manage that—and we’ve got the science to prove it.

In one study, male volunteers were given a controlled diet where the dietary fat was varied among low MCTs, medium MCTs and high MCTs.

Over the course of the study, men provided with high MCTs consumed an average of 1.155 MJ or 275 calories per day. Consequently, at the end of the study, men fed with low MCTs and medium MCTs slightly gained weight while men fed with high MCTs lost an average of 1 pound.[4]

#4. Coconut oil helps you lose belly fat.

You could be aware that the most stubborn body fat to get rid of—even with proper diet and exercise—is the one on your belly. Recently, scientists have found something to help you with that. Apparently, coconut oil can also reduce waist circumference.

In one study, healthy female volunteers aged 20-40 were asked to take either 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or soybean oil over a 12-week period.

The volunteers were also asked to take a balanced, low-calorie diet and walk for about 50 minutes daily. At the end of the study, both groups of women lost weight; but the group that took coconut oil also experience a decreased waist circumference and lower cholesterol.[5]

“But what about the calories it contains?” you might ask. After all, coconut oil is still fat; and one tablespoon contains about 117 calories. Well, the key is to replace what you already have in your kitchen.

You already use oils and fats in your meals for sure, probably coming from olive oil, vegetable oil or butter. Therefore, you simply have to replace some of these fats in your cookbook and use coconut oil instead.

Convinced by the overwhelming evidence about coconut oil’s role in losing weight? Give it a try by taking 1-2 tablespoons daily—with proper diet and exercise—and see the effects for yourself.

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[1] Coconut oil.

[2] Overfeeding with medium-chain triglyceride diet results in diminished deposition of fat.

[3] Twenty-four-hour energy expenditure and urinary catecholamines of humans consuming low-to-moderate amounts of medium-chain triglycerides: a dose-response study in a human respiratory chamber.

[4] Covert manipulation of the ratio of medium- to long-chain triglycerides in isoenergetically dense diets: effect on food intake in ad libitum feeding men.

[5] Effects of Dietary Coconut Oil on the Biochemical and Anthropometric Profiles of Women Presenting Abdominal Obesity.

How Can I Lose Weight

How Can I Lose Weight? 5 Motivational Tips For Beginners

If you always wondered “how can I lose weight” then you’ve probably googled workouts, diet plans and other tips to lose weight but still can’t figure out how to begin.

With the wide access to information over the internet regarding weight loss, I know that it can feel very overwhelming. So, we’ve gathered tips that will help you start a healthier lifestyle and at the same time keep you motivated.

How Can I Lose Weight – 5 Tips To Guide Beginners

Tip# 1 – Get Educated

There are a lot of work out and diet plans that people share in social media and all over the internet. But not everything is very accurate. Before you follow how others manage to lose weight, do some research. Learn as much as you can on how your body works. It is important that before you go on a diet, you should keep in mind that your body should still be getting all the nutrients that it needs.

It is very important to consider your physical state in doing workouts to avoid injury. Not because a famous blogger said that lifting weights worked well for her means that you should follow that right away. Especially when you are just starting to get fit. You’ll just end up tired and with sore muscles and you might even end up giving up early. Start with simple workouts first and when you’re already comfortable and your body is used to it, then you can proceed to more complex workouts.

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Tip# 2 – Find Fun Ways To Work Out

The reason why most individuals fail to achieve their goal of losing weight is because they find working out more like a chore rather than something that would benefit their health. There are a lot of things that you can do to start burning those calories. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. You can go to some dance classes, do some Pilates or even go swimming. As long as you are moving and your muscles are working, you are burning calories and that’s a good start to getting fit. You don’t have to be alone on this either. Find a workout buddy. You can motivate each other to achieve your goals.

How Can I Lose Weight

Tip# 3 – Plan your meals and workouts

Write it down on your calendar and post it on your wall. Once you’ve written it down, you will always be reminded of what you should be doing. Planning ahead will also save you a lot of time. By doing this, you will have an overview on how your week or month would look like. Take a day in a week to sit down and just plan healthy meals and prepare them so that it would be easier for you to follow your diet. You’ll also save a lot of money if you make your own meals rather than buying unhealthy fast foods. Planning your workouts will help you track your progress and it will be easier for you to find out which exercise worked for you.

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Tip# 4 – Prepare The Night Before

When you’ve already planned to do a workout the next day, the next obstacle that you will go through is to actually stand up and get moving. I know it’s not easy but if you want to achieve a fit body, you should push yourself. Put your workout clothes on a spot where you will instantly see it the moment you wake up. It will signal your brain that you have to work out. If that doesn’t work for you, then there’s another thing that you can try that will also save you some time. Sleep on your workout clothes.

Tip# 5 – Find Motivation On Outside Sources

If you’re always on social media, you should start following people and pages with the same goals as yours. You might be watching a baking video at first and then see a post from a fitness enthusiast with a fit body that you’ve always wanted.

Your mindset will instantly change by just seeing that. It also helps if you set your phone or desktop screen to something motivational. Like a picture of a jumping rope, a model with the fit body that you’d like to achieve or any inspirational quotes that will remind you of your fitness goals. If you surround yourself with inspiration, it is less likely for you to fail and you will be able to maintain motivation to a healthier lifestyle.

Quickest Way To Lose Weight By Eating Fat Burning Foods

Quickest Way To Lose Weight By Eating Fat Burning Foods

So you might be wondering, how will eating be the quickest way to lose weight? I’m supposed to not eat to lose weight, right? Wrong! Depriving yourself of food will only make you hungrier and fail your diet. The key is to eat the right stuff.

Foods with high-calorie content that doesn’t make you full are your worst enemy in your weight loss journey. Ice cream, cakes, and sweets are only a few examples so you might want to opt for healthier options that will not only satisfy your cravings but will also make you full so you will not over indulge.

Another shortcut to weight loss that we are introducing you now is to eat healthy, fat burning foods. These are low-calorie foods that are packed with nutrients and will help you burn calories by boosting your metabolism. Incorporate these foods to your meals daily in order to lose weight fast.

Quickest Way To Lose Weight By Eating Fat Burning Foods

Quickest Way To Lose Weight – 7 Fat Burning Foods

#1 Celery

Have it raw as a snack, mix it with your salad, or add it up on your favorite soup. You can even blend it in with your diet smoothie. Celery is a negative calorie food, which means that the number of calories spent to digest it is greater than the calorie that you take in when you eat it. It contains a lot of dietary fiber that will easily make you feel satiated. It also contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin K and Potassium. Vitamin K is important for your blood clotting factors and bone health while Potassium is essential for nerve function and cardiovascular health.

#2 Banana

Banana may not be one of the fruits with low-calorie content but it contains enzymes that help speed up your digestive process and it is known for its anti-bloating effect. It is a good pre and post workout meal because it contains glucose which is a quick source of energy that is also easily burned during a workout. It also contains a good amount of potassium which prevents muscle cramps and dizziness.

#3 Egg whites

Egg whites contain very low calorie and it is packed with protein which helps make you feel full and therefore, consume less food. It also contains vitamin B12 that helps burn and break down fat from your body. there are lots of ways that you can eat egg whites. Make it hard boiled, poached or make an omelet. Egg whites are preferred over the yolk because the egg yolk contains cholesterol. Limit your consumption of egg yolk to a minimum.

#4 Tomatoes

Tomato is a very low-calorie food that also detoxifies your body because it contains vitamins C and A. It also has high amounts of chromium and dietary fiber which helps in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Tomatoes are also a good source of energy because of its high biotin content. There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate tomatoes in your daily meals but make sure to avoid mixing it with foods that are too starchy because it may cause too much acidity in the stomach. It is also a good source of lycopene which is essential in the production of hemoglobin in our body. So, if you are suffering from anemia, this food will be more beneficial for you.

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#5 Whole Grains

There are lots of whole grains that you can choose from to add to your daily meals. Bread, oatmeal, cereals, quinoa, and brown rice are only a few examples. Your body burns twice as many calories whenever you take in whole foods compared to processed ones. In addition to its great effects on fat burning and weight loss, there are studies that prove that eating whole grains on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

#6 Cinnamon

Though cinnamon itself is not considered a food, it is a spice that is essential to your weight loss journey. It helps you burn fat without even adding any calories in your diet. It helps slow down the emptying of your stomach and, therefore, make you digest food properly leaving you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Some researchers also claim that cinnamon helps in getting rid of bad bacteria in the gut.

#7 Hot Peppers

Peppers contain the compound called Capsaicin which helps speed up your metabolism, suppresses your appetite and increases your energy and alertness. So go ahead and add up some spice in your daily meals for a faster weight loss.

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whole grains –

pepper –

Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Exercise And Meal Plan To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Do You Need To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks?

Are you going to the beach in 2 weeks and worrying that your muffin top from the holidays might be photo bombing you? Do you have to go to a wedding but you’re afraid that you might not fit on the gown anymore? Whatever your reason is, we have come up with a quick fix that will make you lose weight in 2 weeks. This is not one of the easy ways to lose weight but if you follow all the steps religiously, you will expect to gain results.

Lose Weight In 2 Weeks – The 4-step Exercise And 2-week Meal Plan

For Your Exercise:

Do these 4 simple exercises for 20 reps, 3 sets with 30 sec rest in between reps. Do this twice a day. One in the morning and then do it again in the evening.

1. Sit-ups
2. Burpees
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Flutter Kicks

Exercise And Meal Plan To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

For Your Meal Plan:

During this week, you can also add any amount of fresh fruits (specially apple) and 4-5 low calorie fiber biscuits in a day, it helps to cut down your apetite.

  • Day 1

You will have a fruit diet for today. But you must avoid bananas, sugary fruits like grapes and mangoes. Do not eat dried fruits during the diet plan.

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.


Eat as much fruits as you can but on equal intervals until before you have your lunch. Avoid canned fruits. Fresh raw fruits are advisable.


1 apple
1 tomato sandwich


Fresh fruits only. Eat just enough until you do not feel any hunger.

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  • Day 2

Today, you will be on a vegetable diet. Vegetables provide essential nutrients including fiber, folate and vitamins A and C. But you must avoid sweet and white potatoes, soy beans, coconuts, and corn.

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.


Fresh fruits, 1 glass of skimmed milk

Lunch and Dinner

Now, you will be on a high fiber vegetable diet. You can have your vegetables boiled, steamed, stir fried, or roasted. You may add salt, soy sauce, or vinegar to add some taste.

  • Day 3

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.


Fresh fruits, 1 glass of skimmed milk

Lunch and Dinner

Today will be a combination diet plan. You can only have fruits and vegetables.

  • Day 4

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.

1 hard-boiled egg
1 glass of fresh fruit juice


Any fibrous vegetable
1 small bowl of brown rice


1 bowl of vegetable soup
Green salad

  • Day 5

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.


1 glass of skimmed milk
1 apple


1 bowl of green salad
1 bowl of sprouts


1 bowl of vegetable soup with roasted/ steamed vegetables.

  • Day 6

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.


1 glass of fresh fruit juice
1 boiled egg


a bowl of brown rice
Vegetable curry and sprouts


1 bowl of soup
Green salad

  • Day 7

Morning: drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water with half of lemon 15 minutes before breakfast.


Fresh raw fruits
1 glass of skimmed milk


1 bowl of sprouts
Green salad


1 bowl of steamed/ roasted/ stir fried vegetable
1 bowl of soup (vegetable/ or non-vegetable)

For the next week:

You may eat meals that you prefer as long as you only consume fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and whole foods.

Do not consume starchy oily foods especially fast foods.

Do not consume sweets that will spike up your blood sugar levels.

Limit your daily meals to a maximum of 1600 calories.

Watch this video to see the results


how to lose weight fast for women

How To Lose Weight Fast for Women With These 5 Effective Tips

Ever wonder why weight loss is so challenging for most women? This article will explain why losing weight fast seems to be a difficulty and recommend 5 effective tips on how to lose weight fast for women.

Women are more obsessed with weight loss than men, and believe it or not, it’s not just the magazines and their skinny models to blame for it. There’s actually something in the X-chromosome that makes weight loss a bit more challenging for females. The important factor that good nutritionists now consider in giving tips to lose weight fast for women are: hormones.

In her book published in 2001, Women, Weight, and Hormones, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet explains why women are more prone to food cravings and fat build-up. She says that our predisposition to store more fat is actually an evolutionary trait that was built for a time when food was still scarce.

how to lose weight fast for womenFor example, the second half of the menstrual cycle usually comes with strong cravings for sweet, salty or oily food (yes ladies, those are not imaginary), which are caused by a spike in the levels of a hormone called progesterone. The increase in appetite triggered by the said hormone helps ensure that there will be proper nutrition to support ovulation and fertilization.

However, the difference in food availability then and now is something that your hormones can’t discern. Back in the day, women had to search through forests and climb trees just to gather a dozen of fruits, while you now just go over a counter to pay cash in exchange for a dozen of doughnuts.

Aside from hormone cycles programmed in your genes, Dr. Vliet also argues that “Men created most diets, and most diets are tested on men.” One example she cites in her book was the high-carbohydrate, low-fat meal plan which was popular in the 1980’s. It worked on men since their muscle mass burned the carbohydrates immediately, while the same carbs are stored more readily as fat in women.

When women follow the high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets—and that included me, until I realized what was happening—we are on the wrong meal plan balance for our unique metabolic makeup”, Dr. Vliet writes.

Therefore, one should ask, can a woman manage her hormones so she can achieve weight loss naturally? Fortunately, the answer is yes, especially if you’re still in your reproductive years. There are many ways to get a more figure-friendly mix of hormones, and we’re here to share those tips with you.

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5 Effective Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast For Women

Tip #1. Go for whole foods.

Women’s bodies are more likely to store extra calories as fat, and whole or unprocessed foods are nature’s solution to that. Prefer whole gain over processed grain, whole fruit instead of juice, and real meat instead of deli. Whole foods have more complex carbohydrates and protein, which takes longer to metabolize compared with processed food; the latter of which are quick to create an energy surplus which would otherwise be stored as fat if you don’t get moving immediately.

Lose Weight Fast for Women Tip #2. Get physical.

Experts recommend at least an hour of physical activity per day, for at least five times a week, to prevent weight gain from hormonal imbalance. You can do this by walking instead of driving to a nearby grocery store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and even by regularly scrubbing the floor of different parts of your house.

Tip #3. Fight stress.

Fighting stress does not only help you feel better, it also helps you lose weight. The stress hormone cortisol has a well-established stimulating effect on ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone. (That’s why there’s such a thing called “stress-eating”.) Common ways to de-stress come in a wide variety ways, from getting a relaxing massage, to spending quality time with loved ones, to even seeking help from a therapist.

Tip #4. Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep is also something that your body interprets as a sign of elevated stress, and we’ve already mentioned the correlation between stress and overeating. Furthermore, getting enough sleep has also been proven to elevate the levels of leptin, the hormone which acts as an appetite-suppressant. Experts consider 7-9 hours of undisturbed night-time sleep as the ideal range for adults.

Tip #5. Treat yourself.

We’ve all been there, and sometimes, you just can’t help but give in to those cravings. However, reaching out for a slice of rich chocolate cake should not mean defeat. You can still have that occasional sweet, salty or greasy treat—whichever you prefer—as long as you keep it in small portions and few occasions. To help you further, chew slowly and savor your favorite treat in small bites, so you’ll get more satisfied and not end up asking for more.

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The Fastest Way To Lose Weight With These 4 Super Drinks

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight With These 4 Super Drinks

Losing weight relies not only with the foods that you eat but with everything you put on your mouth, like the fluids you drink. If you’re really determined to lose weight, you should know by now that sodas and alcoholic beverages should definitely be avoided.

Juices and energy drinks are not advisable alternatives either because these drinks usually contain artificial sweeteners that could easily spike up your blood sugar levels. You don’t want that to happen, so what do we have left to drink? Water. Water would have to be your best friend in your weight loss journey. But chugging on water could really get boring and there will be times when you’ll be craving for that sweet and sparkly soda.

Before you ruin your diet plan, you should know that there are drinks that you can indulge on that will not only satisfy your sweet cravings, but will also help you detoxify, speed up your metabolism, and burn excess fat. For the fastest way to lose weight, try these super drinks that you can enjoy every day.

The 4 Super Drinks For The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Drink# 1 – Water with lemon or lime

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight With These 4 Super DrinksLemons and limes contain high levels of citric acid which is known to have great effects in burning fat. They are also good antioxidants that help in getting rid of wastes that have built up in the colon. This drink can also reduce hunger cravings because of the pectin fiber which absorbs water and expands in the stomach, which then signals your brain that you are already full.

Have this drink every morning. Fill up a glass with water and squeeze in the juice from half a slice of lemon or lime. This drink contains zero calories so this will be a great addition to your diet plan.

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Drink# 2 – Cinnamon and honey

Honey helps in weight loss because it speeds up your metabolism and, therefore, makes you burn more fat. Also, because honey is naturally sweet, it satisfies your sweet tooth and reduces your sugar cravings. Cinnamon also helps in weight loss because it slows down the digestion process from the stomach to the intestines which makes you fuller for a longer period of time.

You will need raw honey and cinnamon bark. Let the cinnamon bark simmer on a pan with water for a few minutes. Pour it on a cup and then add a teaspoon of honey and blend it all together. This is great to drink in between meals or before bedtime.

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Drink# 3 – Chia and watermelon smoothie

These seeds contain omega3-fatty acid that is vital for your nerves and also helps accelerate weight loss. It also contains fiber that slows down the absorption of food which makes you eat fewer calories. It also contains lots of proteins that makes you feel full easily. Watermelon is a low-calorie fruit that keeps you hydrated and contains fiber which makes you feel full for longer. It is not only beneficial for weight loss because it also contains essential amino acids that help lower blood pressure and, therefore, reduces your risk of heart diseases.

Soak a tablespoon of chia seeds on a ¼ glass of water and set aside. This will make the seeds softer making it easier to drink. On a blender, place watermelon of your desired amount. Blend it in with a little water. Combine this with the chia seeds and enjoy. This is a healthy substitute to your favorite dessert or snack.

Green tea - fastest way to lose weightDrink# 4 – Green tea

Because of the polyphenols found in green tea, it helps us in burning fat. It can be taken multiple times in any hour of the day. All you need is good organic green tea. It is also loaded with antioxidants called Catechins. This potent antioxidant is also known to have great effects in boosting your metabolism. It also has effects on the hormones that make you burn fat. These substances signal your brain to increase the hormone that breaks down fat. These fats will then be released on your bloodstream and will readily be available as energy.

3 Ways How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

3 Ways How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Do You Want Know How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise?

Are you tired of switching from one diet to another just to know which one works best for you? Are you tired of spending lots of cash for a subscription to diet plans, juicing formulas or gym memberships but still don’t see much difference on the weighing scale?

We’re not saying that these diets don’t work. They do, but only for a certain period of time. All that you’re losing is water weight and muscle mass which will make you dehydrated and feel weak.

Juicing also works to lose weight but can you keep up with a liquid diet for a long time? I guess not, and it won’t be good for your health either. Eating right is the key in order to lose weight fast and the major factor that affects your weight is your blood sugar level. You must keep your blood sugar level stabilized. When your blood sugar level is too high, your body will start breaking down fat and not burn them. That’s the time when you start craving for sweet foods.

Exercise is also a great way to lose weight and build muscle and strength. But in this article I want to focus on how to lose weight fast without exercise. Keep in mind these nutritional tips to lose weight in a healthier way without dieting or exercising.

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3 Ways How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Image source: Flickr

Here Are 3 Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise or Dieting

Tip#1 – Maintain your meal intervals

It is a fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is linked to many health benefits including weight control. It gives you improved performance and energy to start your day. Always remember that within the first hour of waking up, you must be able to consume your breakfast.

Next, you should continue eating every 3-4 hours. You must eat frequently to keep your blood sugar stabilized. What you want to be doing is to eat small portions but frequently and that’s about 5-6 meals a day.

Also, your last meal of the day must be consumed an hour before sleeping and you should not eat many carbohydrates because it takes a lot of time to digest. Your body should be starting to rest by this time so eating too many carbs for dinner will not do you any good.

Keep in mind that when you feel very hungry at meal time, it means that you didn’t take enough food from your previous meal. You must always feel just right to eat after every 3-4 hours. If you’re not hungry after 4 hours, eat half portion of the meal for that time. The important thing is you have to eat in order to stabilize your blood sugar level.

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Tip#2 – Have nutritionally balanced meals

In every meal, you must be consuming a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Some protein rich foods are lean meat, fish, tofu, and eggs. You can get carbohydrates not only from rice and pasta but also from vegetables.

There are a lot of diets out there that tells you to cut out carbohydrates, but that is not healthy at all. It is true that when you increase your carbohydrates, your body will be storing fat and you will have reduced energy. But, the same thing happens when your carbohydrates are decreased. It will also make you store the fat and not burn them. So remember, your meals should always be nutritionally balanced.

The ideal ratio for your meal is 10-35% protein, 45-65% carbohydrates, and 20-35% fat. By balancing out your nutrient ratio, your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs to maximize fat burning.

Tip#3 – Count those calories

What are calories in the first place? A calorie is a unit of energy. For example, if a food contains 80 calories, it’s a way of describing the amount of energy you’ll get after consuming that food. You need calories for energy but if you get too much of it and not use this energy, it may lead to weight gain.

Too much calorie consumed per meal increases fat storage and makes you lose appetite for the next meal. But too little calorie will cause your blood sugar level to drop. You will then start craving for sweet foods. You’ll be grabbing that milk chocolate bar on the grocery counter without even thinking.

So to help you lose weight fast, make sure that you are getting just enough calories. The average amount of calories to lose weight for women is 1200 calories and for men, 1500 calories per day. This, of course, varies depending on how physically active you are. This calorie consumption must be increased if you exercise regularly but if you just stay in the office and not move that much at all, then you should follow the suggested amount of calorie per meal.

These are the three nutritional tips on how to lose weight fast without exercise that you should always practice. Remember, don’t let your body go hungry and neither should you over indulge. Follow these steps and not only will you be able to lose weight but it could also help you maintain your figure for the rest of your life.

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Losing Weight Fast

7 Unique Tips On Losing Weight Fast That You Should Try

Losing Weight Fast With A Little Bit Of Creativity

Every time you search for weight loss tips, you are always faced with suggestions about change of diet and lifestyle. You need to eat healthier. You need to exercise. And you have tried many times but many times failed as well.

At a point in trying to adopt a new diet and lifestyle, you always fall back to what you were used to eating and doing. One reason of this is that the change might be too drastic for you. You need a gradual manageable change.

What you actually need is a process that is slow but sure. Below are effortless and small changes in your everyday life that will eventually take you to your ultimate goal of a sexier version of you.

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Losing Weight Fast

Here Are A Few Effective Tips On Losing Weight Fast That You Can Follow:

#1. Flossing or brushing teeth

Have you ever wanted to eat something sweet after eating something salty? Or want something sour after eating something bitter?

The tastes of food runs like a roller coaster inside your mouth and you cannot stop eating one flavor after another. You can skip the dessert after a scrumptious meal by flossing, gargling mouthwash or brushing teeth after eating. This way, the flavor disappears as well as the cravings. You can outsmart your own tastebuds.

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#2. Drinking lots of water

Most people eat not until they get the right amount of food their bodies need but until their stomachs bloat. In order to feel full easily, drink water prior meals or drink in between. You will just easily excrete out the fullness of your belly after a few minutes without actually threatening yourself of gaining weight.

Make sure however that the liquids you are taking do not contain high cholesterol or fat such as beer and other alcohol, fruit shakes or chocolate drinks that are high in sugar, sodas, juices, and the like. Be cautious about the liquids that you take. Do not be fooled by the thought that just because they are liquid, they cannot make you fat.

#3. Document

Take pictures of your progress. Document the changes that your body undergoes as you take on a new healthy diet or as you do exercise routines. These photos will set as motivation to work harder to achieve your goals.

Also, at times when you feel a little bit lazy or unmotivated to go on, the photos of you that look best would remind you that you can actually do it. It would be very nice to see how you looked from the beginning, middle, and end as well.

#4. Wear fitting clothes

Weight Loss TipsYou may enjoy wearing loose shirts because they make you feel smaller or that it doesn’t emphasize the layers of fat around your waist. Try doing the opposite. By donning the right fit of clothes, you would be kept aware of your true size and shape and you would want to work harder so the clothes would look better on you.

#5. Use small plates

Big plates can stack more food while small plates obviously can carry only a little amount. Many people don’t stop eating until they consume all the contents in their plates.

By having a smaller one, you would eat your meals in a more moderate pace, you would get fuller at the right time, plus you do not overeat.

#6. Keep your goal visible – role model bodies

What body type is your goal? How do you want to look? Keep yourself reminded about the future self you want to be. Hang photos of models on your walls or make it as wallpapers on your gadgets. That way, you will constantly be motivated on achieving such amazing goals you set for yourself.

#7. Say it out loud

Making a public commitment on your goals can be very helpful. By telling a friend, your family, partner, and any other person in your life that you are going to be healthier, slimmer, or that you will lose weight, then most likely you will be pressured in keeping your word. Your goal becomes a public oath that you have to prove to everyone.

I hope you enjoy these tips to losing weight fast. What other tips do you have? Feel free to share it 🙂


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