How Can I Gain Weight Fast

I Used To Ask How Can I Gain Weight Fast and I Found 5 Solutions

5 Answers to the Question, “How Can I Gain Weight Fast?”

Most people are eager to find fast and effective ways to lose those extra pounds, but there are also a significant number of people whose problem is exactly the opposite. They look at themselves in the mirror and wonder how they can put on some badly needed weight.

How Can I Gain Weight FastAlthough obesity is a much more common problem in America, being too thin is also a serious health problem that needs to be addressed. Being truly healthy means having the correct weight for your height, age, body type and lifestyle.

Because obesity is so much more common, many people dismiss the difficulty of solving the problem of being underweight. Packing on the pounds seems all too easy. Simply gorge on fatty food, chug down soft drinks and consume piles of candy and junk food, and you will add inches to your waist all too quickly.

While it’s true that binge eating and a high-cholesterol, high-sugar diet will add to your weight, these are not at all healthy practices. The goal, after all, is to improve your physical fitness, and not just to put on weight because you think you look too thin. Remember, a genuinely beautiful body is first and foremost a healthy one.

Ideally, gaining weight safely and effectively doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here are five simple and effective tips on how to put on weight, without resorting to unhealthy binge eating.

Here Are 5 Healthy Answers for the Question, “How Can I Gain Weight?”

#1. Eat denser foods that are high in nutrition and protein.

The kind of food you want to eat isn’t necessarily fattier food. What you want is food that has higher nutritional content. Ideally, you should take a look at the calories and nutritional information, but even without all the numbers, there are plenty of simple substitutions that are quite effective.

For example, instead of drinking water, drink milk or juice. Milk is rich not only in fats, but also in much-needed protein and calcium. Juice isn’t just a source of sugar, it’s also a source of vitamins.

Instead of white bread, choose denser whole grain bread. Instead of clear soup, choose chowders and other thick soup. Remember, what you want is denser food that will give your body the protein and vitamins it needs to build itself up, not just fat.

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#2. Always make sure to eat at least three meals a day.

No matter how busy you are, or how much you may be tempted to just eat a piece of toast before rushing out the door, make sure you eat three complete meals a day. This means every meal should consist of a balance of food from the major food groups.

With every meal, you should be consuming carbohydrates, lipids, protein, vitamins and minerals. While it is always better to have a hearty meal, if you are pressed for time, adding all the food groups to your diet doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Put butter on that toast, eat some fruit, wash it down with a glass of milk, and then you can rush out the door. Just remember that if you really want to put on much-needed weight, you’ll take the time to sit down for a good, leisurely meal every chance you get.

Supplying your body with all the nutrients it needs is essential to your health, no matter what weight you’re trying to achieve.

#3. During the day, don’t let more than four hours pass without eating something.

The reason some people lack the weight they need is that they eat too little because they feel full too quickly. If this is your problem, trying to force yourself to eat more at one sitting is not a good solution.

This could upset your digestive system, and that would not only be uncomfortable, it would also be counter-productive to your goal of gaining weight. If your body isn’t properly digesting and assimilating what you eat, you aren’t going to be putting on the pounds you need.

Increase the number of times you eat, and be consistent about the time of your meals and snacks. Space them out to give your body time to digest the food properly.

#4. Eat just before you sleep.

Your body does a lot of its work of repair and regeneration while you sleep. Eating close to bedtime will ensure that it has all the building blocks it needs. Your dinner doesn’t have to be heavy on the stomach, it just has to be nutritious. If your dinner time and bed time are far apart, have a snack before you turn in for the night.

Good options include fruit like mangoes or avocadoes, hummus, cheese or even a peanut-butter, jelly sandwich or protein shakes.

#6. Stay active.

Do muscle-building and strength-training exercises, such as weight-lifting. A truly healthy and practical approach to weight gain combines a good diet with good exercise.

Most people think of exercise as primarily a means of losing weight, not gaining it, but body weight isn’t just made up of fat. A significant amount of it is also muscle. Depending upon what kind of exercises you do, you can build up your body’s muscle, increase your weight, and improve your over-all health.

All that protein you have been consuming isn’t designed for your body to store away, it’s meant to build up your muscle and tissue. Exercise will ensure your body puts it to good use.

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