How Can I Lose Weight

How Can I Lose Weight? 5 Motivational Tips For Beginners

If you always wondered “how can I lose weight” then you’ve probably googled workouts, diet plans and other tips to lose weight but still can’t figure out how to begin.

With the wide access to information over the internet regarding weight loss, I know that it can feel very overwhelming. So, we’ve gathered tips that will help you start a healthier lifestyle and at the same time keep you motivated.

How Can I Lose Weight – 5 Tips To Guide Beginners

Tip# 1 – Get Educated

There are a lot of work out and diet plans that people share in social media and all over the internet. But not everything is very accurate. Before you follow how others manage to lose weight, do some research. Learn as much as you can on how your body works. It is important that before you go on a diet, you should keep in mind that your body should still be getting all the nutrients that it needs.

It is very important to consider your physical state in doing workouts to avoid injury. Not because a famous blogger said that lifting weights worked well for her means that you should follow that right away. Especially when you are just starting to get fit. You’ll just end up tired and with sore muscles and you might even end up giving up early. Start with simple workouts first and when you’re already comfortable and your body is used to it, then you can proceed to more complex workouts.

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Tip# 2 – Find Fun Ways To Work Out

The reason why most individuals fail to achieve their goal of losing weight is because they find working out more like a chore rather than something that would benefit their health. There are a lot of things that you can do to start burning those calories. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. You can go to some dance classes, do some Pilates or even go swimming. As long as you are moving and your muscles are working, you are burning calories and that’s a good start to getting fit. You don’t have to be alone on this either. Find a workout buddy. You can motivate each other to achieve your goals.

How Can I Lose Weight

Tip# 3 – Plan your meals and workouts

Write it down on your calendar and post it on your wall. Once you’ve written it down, you will always be reminded of what you should be doing. Planning ahead will also save you a lot of time. By doing this, you will have an overview on how your week or month would look like. Take a day in a week to sit down and just plan healthy meals and prepare them so that it would be easier for you to follow your diet. You’ll also save a lot of money if you make your own meals rather than buying unhealthy fast foods. Planning your workouts will help you track your progress and it will be easier for you to find out which exercise worked for you.

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Tip# 4 – Prepare The Night Before

When you’ve already planned to do a workout the next day, the next obstacle that you will go through is to actually stand up and get moving. I know it’s not easy but if you want to achieve a fit body, you should push yourself. Put your workout clothes on a spot where you will instantly see it the moment you wake up. It will signal your brain that you have to work out. If that doesn’t work for you, then there’s another thing that you can try that will also save you some time. Sleep on your workout clothes.

Tip# 5 – Find Motivation On Outside Sources

If you’re always on social media, you should start following people and pages with the same goals as yours. You might be watching a baking video at first and then see a post from a fitness enthusiast with a fit body that you’ve always wanted.

Your mindset will instantly change by just seeing that. It also helps if you set your phone or desktop screen to something motivational. Like a picture of a jumping rope, a model with the fit body that you’d like to achieve or any inspirational quotes that will remind you of your fitness goals. If you surround yourself with inspiration, it is less likely for you to fail and you will be able to maintain motivation to a healthier lifestyle.


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