Losing Weight Fast

7 Unique Tips On Losing Weight Fast That You Should Try

Losing Weight Fast With A Little Bit Of Creativity

Every time you search for weight loss tips, you are always faced with suggestions about change of diet and lifestyle. You need to eat healthier. You need to exercise. And you have tried many times but many times failed as well.

At a point in trying to adopt a new diet and lifestyle, you always fall back to what you were used to eating and doing. One reason of this is that the change might be too drastic for you. You need a gradual manageable change.

What you actually need is a process that is slow but sure. Below are effortless and small changes in your everyday life that will eventually take you to your ultimate goal of a sexier version of you.

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Losing Weight Fast

Here Are A Few Effective Tips On Losing Weight Fast That You Can Follow:

#1. Flossing or brushing teeth

Have you ever wanted to eat something sweet after eating something salty? Or want something sour after eating something bitter?

The tastes of food runs like a roller coaster inside your mouth and you cannot stop eating one flavor after another. You can skip the dessert after a scrumptious meal by flossing, gargling mouthwash or brushing teeth after eating. This way, the flavor disappears as well as the cravings. You can outsmart your own tastebuds.

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#2. Drinking lots of water

Most people eat not until they get the right amount of food their bodies need but until their stomachs bloat. In order to feel full easily, drink water prior meals or drink in between. You will just easily excrete out the fullness of your belly after a few minutes without actually threatening yourself of gaining weight.

Make sure however that the liquids you are taking do not contain high cholesterol or fat such as beer and other alcohol, fruit shakes or chocolate drinks that are high in sugar, sodas, juices, and the like. Be cautious about the liquids that you take. Do not be fooled by the thought that just because they are liquid, they cannot make you fat.

#3. Document

Take pictures of your progress. Document the changes that your body undergoes as you take on a new healthy diet or as you do exercise routines. These photos will set as motivation to work harder to achieve your goals.

Also, at times when you feel a little bit lazy or unmotivated to go on, the photos of you that look best would remind you that you can actually do it. It would be very nice to see how you looked from the beginning, middle, and end as well.

#4. Wear fitting clothes

Weight Loss TipsYou may enjoy wearing loose shirts because they make you feel smaller or that it doesn’t emphasize the layers of fat around your waist. Try doing the opposite. By donning the right fit of clothes, you would be kept aware of your true size and shape and you would want to work harder so the clothes would look better on you.

#5. Use small plates

Big plates can stack more food while small plates obviously can carry only a little amount. Many people don’t stop eating until they consume all the contents in their plates.

By having a smaller one, you would eat your meals in a more moderate pace, you would get fuller at the right time, plus you do not overeat.

#6. Keep your goal visible – role model bodies

What body type is your goal? How do you want to look? Keep yourself reminded about the future self you want to be. Hang photos of models on your walls or make it as wallpapers on your gadgets. That way, you will constantly be motivated on achieving such amazing goals you set for yourself.

#7. Say it out loud

Making a public commitment on your goals can be very helpful. By telling a friend, your family, partner, and any other person in your life that you are going to be healthier, slimmer, or that you will lose weight, then most likely you will be pressured in keeping your word. Your goal becomes a public oath that you have to prove to everyone.

I hope you enjoy these tips to losing weight fast. What other tips do you have? Feel free to share it 🙂


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