5 Ways to Gain Weight

5 Ways to Gain Weight for Extremely Busy People

Gaining weight can be tough for those who are skinny and always on the go.  If you’re an extremely busy person who can’t even enjoy a full hour of lunch at work, here are 5 convenient ways to gain weight.

Are you an insanely busy, career-oriented person? Then perhaps that’s one of the reasons you’ve put off your plans to aim for your ideal weight for a long time. All those stressful hours at work and occasional all-nighters are not just making you lose more weight—they’re also keeping you from making an effort to gain them.

Good news: there are now many convenient and effortless ways to gain weight for busy people like you. Today, we’re showing you 5 weight gain tricks that we promise won’t take even an hour of your time.

5 Ways to Gain Weight

Here are 5 easy and efficient ways to gain weight for busy people like you.

#1. Replace water with milkshakes.

Whether you’re in an important meeting or you’re stuck in a convention, you are certainly allowed to carry around a bottle of water. If your workplace doesn’t allow brining lunch to meetings, liquids make an easy exemption because even your bosses understand that you need to be hydrated from time to time.

So, instead of just brining along water with you, why not replace the contents of your tumbler with something that will give you healthy calories? Prepare a milkshake with whole milk, ice, honey and calorie-dense fruits such as avocado, banana and mango—and you instantly have a 300-calorie beverage. If you’re lactose-intolerant, you may replace whole milk with soya milk instead.

#2. Set aside a cup of healthy snacks.

Mixed nuts and peanuts are a great snacking option for people who want to lose weight. Depending on whether it is toasted with oil or not, a cup of mixed nuts can contain 500-800 calories per cup. That’s the approximate amount of calories you can get from one full meal!

Aside from being loaded with calories, this snack can also give you the benefits of protein, healthy fats, fiber and minerals. If you set aside a cup of mixed nuts on your office desk, or munch on it during your downtime at home while watching TV or reading, you can consume all these healthy calories without paying much attention to it.

#3. Prepare D.I.Y. fat- and protein-based sauces and spreads.

Make your weekends more productive by preparing calorie-rich spreads and sauces that you can use throughout the week. Sauces and spreads are not only a great way to add as much as 150 calories to your meals; if done right, they can also make your food more appetizing.

Try making a delicious and protein-rich cheese sauce by adding and parsley, basil and chili powder to a regular cheese spread. Mash a piece of avocado and add cumin and cilantro for an easy, all-around guacamole that’s rich in healthy fat. You can also add generous amounts of olive oil to honey, lemon juice, pepper and mustard seeds; and use that mixture as salad dressing and marinade for your lean meats.

#4. Outsource your meals.

A lot of weight gain advice would tell you to eat more protein, complex carbohydrates, fats and natural sugar—but what if you just don’t have time to go to the grocery and prepare your own food? Luckily, there are now food delivery services that offer meals based on your nutritional requirements, be it high-protein or high-calorie. So make sure you order the healthy foods that help you gain weight.

Check the internet to see which businesses can deliver food to your office or home. Subscription to these services might sound pricey at first but if you consider the time and effort you put in planning your own meals, going to the grocery and cooking food yourself, it could be a really good deal.

#5. Do 20-Minute bodybuilding workouts at home.

If you’re a very busy person, going to the gym might be something that just won’t fit into your schedule. Or perhaps after working overtime, you would rather head straight home than spend a few more hours outside. Well, you can still gain healthy weight by building muscle at home through 20-minute bodybuilding workouts designed by professional trainers.

There are a lot of instructional videos you can download from the internet; and the best thing about these workouts is that you only need your body and a healthy amount of determination to do them. These workouts are usually composed of 8-2 reps of push-ups, squat jumps, squats and planks. Another benefit of doing these at-home exercises is that you don’t need to spend on gym membership anymore just to grow those muscles.

You see, gaining healthy weight doesn’t have to take too much time from your schedule. Once you get the right information, you’ll learn that there are many ways to gain weight without making drastic changes to your hectic daily routine.


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