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Top 5 Quick and Easy To Use Celery Salt Substitutes For Your Dishes

If you have ever used celery salt, you must know how refreshing it can be in a fresh fish dish, or a salad, and even in a tasty cocktail.

However, celery salt doesn’t always go well with everything and the flavor isn’t everyone’s favorite either. If this is the case, and you need to proceed with your recipe, you should be aware of what alternatives for celery salt can be used.

What Is Celery Salt?

What is celery salt? And why use it?

This popular seasoning is simply salt that has been flavored with celery. Commonly, celery salt is used in fresh dishes, like fish or poultry, and as a seasoning in some salads, like potato salad. You can also find celery salt in cocktails and beverages, particularly in the famous Bloody Mary.

Celery salt is nutritious, as it is high in vitamin A, vitamin K, folic acid, beta-carotene, and potassium. However, this salt is not sodium-free. It still contains sodium and should be used with this in mind.

If your recipe calls for it, it may be because celery has a sweet and somewhat bitter flavor, so you should try to find ingredients that can mimic its flavor.

What Can I Replace Celery Salt With?

Here are the best celery salt substitutes for your next drink or salad:

#1. Dill Seed and Salt

Because dill seed is related to celery, it is a good replacement for it. Dill can be a bit more bitter than celery, so the flavor isn’t the same, but when mixed with salt, dill seeds can result in a similar aroma. Dill is used in fish, creamy sauces, and some salads.

You can find dill seeds in the grocery store, but they may be hard to come by sometimes, which is why we suggest you try the organic market as well.

To replace celery salt, use ¼ cup of dill seeds and ¼ cup of salt for every ½ cup of celery salt, but make sure you blend the seeds well and mix them with the salt before adding to the dish.

#2. Celery Seeds and Salt

Since celery seeds are sometimes part of celery salt itself, you can try to recreate the flavor by using them along with salt in your cooking process.

To do so, use a mortar or a blender and make ⅓ cup of celery seeds into a fine powder. Then mix it well with ⅔ cup of regular salt, and store it in a closed jar.

You can sometimes find celery seeds in the grocery store, though your local organic supermarket may have more spices to choose from. Once you have prepared this mix, make sure you measure the same amount as the recipe calls for. 

#3. Caraway Seeds

Now, these seeds don’t taste too much like celery, as they are sweeter and more aromatic. We suggest you use these seeds in meat dishes and sauces, but not for drinks. Caraway seeds are a traditional spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

You can use half of what the recipe calls for, and blend the seeds if you want. However, these seeds are stronger when used whole in thick sauces and meat dishes. You can find these seeds in organic markets and specialty stores.

#4. Mustard Greens

This vegetable may seem like an odd choice, but mustard greens have a peppery and somewhat bitter taste to them, which resembles celery, a little.

To use them in place of celery salt, make sure you chop these greens finely and add them during the cooking process. This method works better if you use about ½ more of what the recipe calls for, and especially if you saute them.

Mustard greens are easy to come by, as they are usually in the produce section of the grocery store, or fresh at the farmer’s market. Also, out of this list, mustard greens are very nutritious, as they are high in vitamin K, A, and C, as well as folate, and manganese.

#5. Onion Salt

Onions don’t taste like celery at all, but they are flavorful in their way, and onion salt can be a good way to add flavor to your recipe.

The flavor in onion salt is milder than celery, so we recommend you use about ½ teaspoon more of what the recipe calls for, and keep in mind too that this is not a good substitute for drinks, as onions never go well in a cocktail. 

You can buy onion salt in any grocery store and in some convenience stores. Make sure to measure well when you use onion salt, and adjust for other ingredients if needed.


Can you substitute celery for celery salt?

In some cases, yes. You can substitute celery for celery salt when cooking sauces, soups, and salads, but not necessarily in thinks like stock or stuffing. Sometimes celery is added for crunch, so it may be a good idea to find another vegetable that can be crunchy, such as water chestnuts.

Is celery salt the same as regular salt?

Celery salt contains salt, but it also contains celery seeds. If you add this salt to your dish instead of regular salt, your dish will have a distinct celery flavor, that is, sweet and bitter.

Does celery salt raise blood pressure?

Because celery salt has sodium, it is still considered a regular salt, so it should be used carefully if you are suffering from high blood pressure. While low-sodium diets have become less and less popular, many people are still sodium-sensitive, which means consuming any salt can raise their blood pressure immediately. Before using this salt, be sure to check with your doctor and stick to non-sodium salt replacements.


Not everyone loves the flavor of celery, but it is the main ingredient in a few dishes and cocktails, which is why it can seem like the end of the world if you’re not sure what do add when you run out of it or can’t find any.

Use any of these five options instead, but always make sure you taste and measure well, as some of these still contain salt and other flavors.

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