Ngon Breakfast Scrambled Eggs

Ngon’s Breakfast Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs is easy, possibly the easiest breakfast you can make. Just stirring beaten egg in butter and season with some salt and pepper and you’re ready to go!

Ngon’s Breakfast Scrambled Eggs

Ngon Breakfast Scrambled Eggs is an easy and delicious recipe
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time7 mins
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Breakfast Scrambled Eggs
Servings: 1
Calories: 398kcal
Author: Ngon


  • 3 eggs organic
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp green onions
  • 1/3 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper


  • In a bowl, crack the eggs and mix it using a fork.
  • In a hot pan, add butter in to melt.
  • Add egg in then stir for 2-3 minutes on high heat.
  • Season with salt, pepper and green onion. Serve hot.


Serve while it’s still warm.
mayonnaise recipe

Homemade Mayonnaise Sauce

Today I will show you how to make mayonnaise. It is very easy and all you need are 2 main ingredients: olive oil and eggs.

Let’s get started!

Fitibility Mayonnaise Recipe

2 ingredients recipe that anyone can follow.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: homemade mayonnaise
Servings: 10
Calories: 115kcal
Author: Fitibility


  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 3 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp salt optional


  • Crack the egg yolk in a blender.
  • Hit the start button then slowly add olive oil
  • Whisk until the consistency is good.


Enjoy this simple recipe!
How To Lose Weight Quickly

How To Lose Weight Quickly With These 3 Best Tips

How To Lose Weight QuicklyThere are some factors that contribute to your overall body weight and if you want to know how to lose weight quickly, you need to understand these factors. They are: the percentage of your muscle mass, bone density, body fat, and water comprises your total body weight.

Obviously, it’s not quite possible for you to manipulate your bone density. You can do something about your muscle mass but it takes a while for you to get those muscles lean and in shape to help your weight loss plan. Water is necessary for your total vitality, so that is something that you would want to maintain.

If you want to lose weight quickly, you are left with one factor that you can manipulate, and that is the amount of your body fat. The best way to lose the amount of your body fat is by eating less.

Everything that you eat that does not convert into energy is stored as fat and if you are just starting to try to lose weight, working out regularly might be too tedious. So for now, you should start managing your weight by eating less.

Here are the 3 best how to lose weight quickly tips by eating less.

How To Lose Weight Quickly By Eating Less – 3 Tips

Tip #1 – Pick foods that will fill you up for a longer period of time

The reason why you eat more than you should is because you are eating the wrong kinds of food.

Sure, a burger or pizza can easily fill you up, but wait for an hour or two and you are hungry again. It’s because these foods are full of carbohydrates that pass through your stomach like water in a funnel.

What’s worse about these kinds of foods is that they don’t get easily eliminated by your body. They all end up being stored as fat in your intestines which you can see externally as your love handles.

You should pick foods that take a while to digest, so you don’t feel hungry right away. Also, you must pick foods that are easily eliminated by the body. I’m talking about fiber and protein-rich foods and fat-burning foods.

Unrefined foods such as brown rice, whole wheat foods, whole oats, quinoa, and lentils are just a few of examples of foods that provides a good source of fiber and protein.

Don’t get the idea wrong, though, not because they get eliminated easily, it means that you get hungry right away.

Think of it this way, these foods stay in your stomach for a good amount of time, which means you won’t feel hungry, and then, they get eliminated and do not get stored as fat, therefore making you lose weight and eat less.


Tip #2 – Have a heavy breakfast

You’ve heard it all before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not everyone is just into it. If you are dedicated to losing weight, you must start to make having heavy breakfast a routine.

Having a heavy breakfast fuels your body instantly and it will make you feel hungry a lot less than you used to during the day. Get a breakfast that is not only healthy but is also rich in fiber and protein.

Avoid eating cereals that has too many artificial sweeteners and white bread that is high in calorie. Always opt for foods that are less refined and organic. To make eating breakfast more fun, be creative in preparing your meals.

Tip #3 – Plan your meals ahead

If you know what your next meal will be, it will give you full control of the foods that are entering your body, therefore, you can always monitor if you have been eating more than you should.

Once you go to a restaurant hungry, you will tend to order anything on the menu that is just delicious and very appetizing without thinking about its contents. If this happens regularly, then it will be harder for you to lose weight.

So, it is so much better if you make your own food or at least plan the meals that you should have for the rest of the week ahead of time.

By planning your meals when you are relaxed and not hungry, you will avoid consuming excess foods in the long run. Practicing this will not only make you eat less but will also help you save time and money.

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Lose 20 Pounds Quickly With The Military Diet

Lose 20 Pounds Quickly With The Military Diet

There are many different diet plans such as Paleo diet, Atkins diet, Asian Diet, etc… to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Today we’re discussing about a special diet called The Military Diet.

The Military diet is a 3-day diet plan that is becoming more popular nowadays. It claims to make you lose weight for up to 10 pounds after 3 days of having their diet plan.

Lose 20 Pounds Quickly With The Military DietThey have a combination of foods that you have to take in specific amounts for three times in a day.

Some critics say that this is a fad diet because not all foods that are included in the meal plan is completely healthy, like ice cream and hot dogs.

Although that is true, the meals in the military diet are of small proportions. It is better to look at it as something to jump-start your body into eating smaller proportions and slowly incorporating healthier foods.

Some critics also question their claim of losing weight in three days because most of the weight that you will lose are water weight.

Again, that is a fact but the key to actually losing weight is by keeping a low-calorie diet. You must not splurge into burgers and pizza and other junk foods after the three-day military diet.

How To Lose 20 Pounds Quickly With The Military Diet

Note: You are not allowed to take sugar or creamer for your coffee. You may use stevia instead

Day 1


1/2 Grapefruit – if you do not like grapefruit, they suggest that you take a glass of water with ½ teaspoon of baking soda instead. Do not use orange or any other fruit as a substitute.

1 Slice of Toast

2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter – if you do not like peanut butter, use sunflower seed butter, bean dip, almond butter, soy butter, pumpkin butter or hummus

A cup of Coffee or Tea (with caffeine)


1/2 Cup of Tuna – you may use tofu, cottage cheese, chicken, or almonds as substitute

1 Slice of Toast

A cup of Coffee or Tea (with caffeine)


3 ounces of any type of meat

1 cup of green beans – you may use spinach, lettuce or tomatoes

Half of a banana

1 small apple

1 cup of vanilla ice cream


Day 2


1 egg

1 slice of toast

Half of a banana


1 cup of cottage cheese

1 hard-boiled egg

5 saltine crackers


2 hot dogs (without bun)

1 cup of broccoli – you may use cauliflower, asparagus, or Brussel sprouts as a substitute.

1/2 cup of carrots – you may use parsnip, celery, or beets as substitute

Half of a banana

1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 3


5 saltine crackers – you may use rice cake or any gluten free crackers as a substitute.

1 slice of cheddar cheese – you may use ricotta cheese or Greek yoghurt as a substitute.

1 small apple


1 egg (may be cooked however you like)

A slice of toast


1 cup of tuna – you may use tofu, cottage cheese, chicken, or almonds as substitute

Half of a banana

1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Another thing that they do not emphasize is that it does not work in just three days.


Here are the steps that you should do in a month:

Days 1-3 – follow the Military diet plan

Days 4-7 – you may eat anything you want as long as you do not consume more than 1500 calories per day

Days 8-10 – follow the Military diet plan

Days 11-14 – you may eat anything you want as long as you do not consume more than 1500 calories per day

Days 15-17 – follow the Military diet plan

Days 18-21 – you may eat anything you want as long as you do not consume more than 1500 calories per day

Days 22-24 – follow the Military diet plan

Days 25-28 – you may eat anything you want as long as you do not consume more than 1500 calories per day

You can have this kind of diet for as long as you want especially if it works for you. But as you can see, it is not suggested that you do the Military diet for more than three consecutive days.

You can search further online for the blogs of other people who have tried it before doing it yourself.

You must understand that like any other diets, the results vary per individual. your diet prior to doing this may also affect the results.

If you are not eating that healthy and are used to consume big servings of food, you might have more weight loss than an individual who is already on a healthier low-calorie diet.

Besides all the critiques, the Military diet plan is generally not bad for your health because it does not starve you and nor does it suggest that you indulge on unhealthy foods.

In the end, if you want to lose 20 pounds quickly, it is still best to consult with a nutritionist or a dietician. But if you want to experiment this military , you can try this diet yourself.

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Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy Eating Plan And 5 Things You Should Know

Eating healthy is not all about just fruits and vegetables. It has to be a balance between three of the main food groups, which are protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

These food groups provide a good source of energy for your body. There are also some other factors that you must consider for a healthy diet plan and a healthy lifestyle.

5 Tips For An Effective Healthy Eating Plan

Tip #1 – Pick your food source

Types of Carbohydrates

The are two main types of carbohydrates: Complex and Simple Carbohydrates.

sweet potatoes good carbohydratesComplex carbohydrates are foods that are least processed, meaning they are closer to their natural form. Some examples of these foods are brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, beans, and lentils.

These types of carbohydrates are rich in nutrients and fiber so these types of carbohydrates are your best bet. Plus, these foods require our body to take more time in digesting it, which means it will make you feel fuller and less hungry.

Their counterpart, the Simple carbohydrates are the ones that you should avoid. These carbohydrates have been refined and their natural nutritional contents have been stripped off of them.

Some examples of these are your white rice, white bread, sugars, and other artificial sweeteners. These foods are easily absorbed by the body and will cause sudden spikes in your blood sugar level.

Types of Fats

There are two types of fat that you should know about – The Saturated and Unsaturated fats.

The unsaturated fats are found in salmon, sardines, mackerel, avocados, olive oil, and other nut or plant-based oils.

Studies show that these types of fat are good for your health because these fats help improve metabolism and brain health.

The saturated type of fat are the ones found in margarine, palm oil, and whole milk. These are the types of fat that you can only take in small amounts because increased consumption of saturated fats may lead to an increase in blood cholesterol levels.


Protein – there is no “bad protein”.

All proteins are good for your diet but there are some that you must take in moderation because they also contain Saturated fats. These are proteins that you get from red meat, eggs, and other dairy products.

You must opt for a plant-based source of protein instead. Seeds, beans, nuts, soy products, and whole grains are only some of the high-protein, plant-based foods that you can take.

You can also choose white meat from chicken and turkey but remember to not eat the skin because their skin also contains fats.


Vegetables healthy diet plan

Yes! Your mom was right! Vegetables are good for you and you should eat them in every meal.

A healthy diet plan must include vegetables. Veggies provide a great deal of vitamins such as A, E and C and a great source of many nutrients, including potassium, folate (folic acid) and fiber.

Choices like spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, and garlic also provide additional health benefits. An excellent reason to eat green as part of your  daily diet is that the risk of many chronic diseases is reduced.

Tip #2 – Stay Hydrated

Water is very important because it helps clean out your body from toxins and it also improves your metabolism. Also, there are times that thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

The proper way of drinking water is to have a glass right after waking up, a glass of water before meals, another glass of water after meals and another glass of water about an hour before you sleep.

Once you have established this routine, you will notice that you will feel less hungry, yet more energized during the day.

Tip #3 – Portion control

Anything in excess is not good for your body and it is known that cutting back on carbohydrates is the best way of losing weight, but drastic changes in your diet would only make you feel weaker and could cause more health problems.

Most researchers agree in the ratio of 40-45% carbohydrates, 30-35% of fat and 25-30% of protein per day. You must make sure that all of your meals meet up to this ratio to maintain a healthy diet.

Healthy Eating Plan

Tip #4 – Time your meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is best to have it within the first hour of waking up to boost up your metabolism right away.

It is also advisable to take small amounts of meal every 3-4 hours to maintain your blood sugar levels. It is important to keep you blood-sugar level maintained because a sudden spike will signal your body that you need to consume more food.

When you are hungry, you wouldn’t think of a healthy food right away. This is what cause binge eating.

Tip #5 – Prepare your own food

This is the best way of making sure that you are maintaining a healthy eating plan. You must always be aware of what is entering your body.

If you prepare your own meals, you have full control of the amount of sodium and oil in your food.

You are also capable of counting the calorie contents of your meal rather than getting take-out meals or eating in restaurants where you are not fully aware of the actual contents of your food.

The five tips above are how you can maintain a healthy eating plan. I hope you can now have a better understanding about what is required in your diet. Feel free to share this article!

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How To Reduce Weight

21 Hacks On How To Reduce Weight Fast

Losing weight is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and discipline to achieve your desired figure. Today we’ve put up a list on how to reduce weight with 21 effective tips to help you ease out the process.

Here Are 21 Tips To Reduce Weight

Tip #1 – Do some research

Before you jump into a diet or any work-out plan, learn about important matters first. You don’t need to get a course in Physiology or health studies, but you should, at least, know basic things about how your body works.

Tip #2 – Get inspired

Post pictures of your favorite inspirational quotes on places where you look at most of the time to keep you motivated.

If you are inspired by a celebrity or someone else’s figure, make photos of them your cell phone background. It will constantly remind you of your dream figure. Weight loss motivation is needed to help you achieve your goal faster.

high protein meals for weight lossTip #3 – Cut-out on carbs

We need carbohydrates for energy, but too much of it would be stored as fat, mostly in your tummy. So, keep it to a minimum and make sure that you are getting it from healthy sources such as fruits and vegetables, instead of getting it from pizza or burger.

Tip #4 – Get more protein

Protein is another good source of energy. Another good thing about it is that it will make you feel full a lot easier compared to carbs. Therefore, it will make you eat less.

Tip #5 – Protein shakes

Protein shakes are very popular nowadays. But, you must know the proper way of taking it if you want to lose weight.

It is not something that you add to your meals, because when you do that, it will make you gain more weight. Protein shake alone should be used as a full meal substitute if you want to lose weight.

Tip #6 – Eat good fat

Not all kinds of fat can make you fat. Some sources of good fats come from olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and salmon. Yes! Coconut oil is good for weight loss!

The fats that you get from these foods are mostly omega 3 fatty acids that help regulate blood cholesterol levels and also improves your metabolism.


Tip #7 – Eat fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods will not only make you feel full easily, it also improves your metabolism and digestion. Green, leafy vegetables are good sources of protein as well as fruits with pulp and those with thick skin like that of apples.

Tip #8 – Water

If you have been searching for ways on how to reduce weight for a while, then this should not be new to you.

Drinking water will not only help you reduce weight, but it will also keep you hydrated and more energized throughout the day.

The trick is, drink a glass of water before meals, another glass after meals, one glass a few minutes after waking up and another one about an hour before going to bed.

Check these drinks to lose weight because they are very effective.

grilled food weight lossTip #9 – Food preparation

Always consider how your food is prepared. Too much oil while cooking is not good for your health and it will make losing weight even harder. You can have your food grilled or steamed instead.

Tip #10 – Avoid eat-outs

In reference to the previous tip, you do not fully know how your food is prepared whenever you eat in restaurants. You do not know if they recycle the cooking oil that they use; and if they do, that is not good for your blood cholesterol levels.

It is best to prepare your own food and in the long run, you will see that it also saves you a lot of money.

Tip #11 – Clean out your food cabinet

Remove all the sweets and junk foods in your pantry. If you don’t see them you would not want them. these foods are called junk for a reason, and the reason is that these foods are packed with a lot of calories but they do not make you feel full.

They are useless for your body and usually, they have high sodium content which will make your body store more fats. Fill-up your food cabinet and refrigerator with healthy foods instead; like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and granola bars. It’s hard to switch at first, but if you are committed to reducing some weight, it will be all worth the sacrifice.

Tip #12 – Say NO to alcohol

Yes, it is fun to hang out with friends once in a while over some beer, but this will do you no good if you really want to lose weight. Alcohol plays a big role in your tummy fat and that is the hardest fat to lose. So, by cutting out on alcohol, you are not only doing your liver a big favor but also, it will help you lose weight.

Tip #13 – Say NO to soda

To make it simple, soda is just sugar in a can with some flavors that will only make you feel bloated. It doesn’t do any good for your health because soda messes up your blood-sugar levels and will make your body store more fat in your tummy area.


Tip #14 – Plan your meals

Another reason why losing weight is hard is because you just eat anything on-sight whenever you get hungry. Plan your meals throughout the day ahead of time. Getting your diet meal plans right is very important.

If you are busy, then you can plan your meal for the whole week and have one day scheduled for grocery shopping and preparing your food.

It might be hard to keep up at first, but being organized with your meals will do wonders for your weight loss.

keep-calm-and-count-caloriesTip #15 – Count calories

Calorie counting is very good when you are trying to lose weight because it will serve as your guide and limit on how much food you need every day.

You can do so by simply reading the labels on your grocery items. There are some apps available online where you just have to input the item and they will automatically show you how much calorie it has.

The average daily minimum calorie required per day is 2400cal for men and 1700cal for women; but calorie requirement is also affected by your age, weight, and height.

There are also apps available online where you just have to input your data and they will automatically do the computations for you. Consulting to a dietitian would be more accurate.

Tip #16 – Make a food journal

You have to keep track of everything that you eat. With this, you will know which food combinations are giving you more weight loss results. Make sure to write everything. Even the foods you eat during your cheat day.

Tip #17 – Portion control

No matter how healthy you eat, if you eat more than you are supposed to, then you will not lose weight. Your body has a natural way of telling you that you have had enough.

So once you feel it, stop eating. Another thing to consider is that your fist is approximately the same size as your stomach. So, if you think that you’ve already eaten about a fist full of food, then that should be enough for that meal.

Tip #18 – Exercise regularly

Of course, dieting alone wouldn’t make you lose weight. You have to burn those fats. But that does not necessarily mean that you have to go to the gym religiously.

Simple tasks like cleaning your house, jogging or walking regularly are good as long as you are doing some activity every day. You don’t have to go crazy with exercise to lose weight. Just keep it simple and consistent and you will see the results.


How To Reduce WeightTip #19 – Plan your workouts

If you do have time to go to the gym, that would be better; but you should have a workout plan before doing so. You can’t do all the workouts at the same time when you go to the gym.

You will only get exhausted easily and might want to give up too early. Plan your workouts.

There are a lot of fitness professionals that have workout routines posted online that you can try out. But keep in mind that when you work out, focus on one muscle group at a time.

Also, remember to do some stretches before working out so that you don’t get muscle cramps.

Tip #20 – Get active

Find an activity that you can do during your days off. You can do some sports like, basketball, badminton, volleyball, or swimming. You can even to hiking or mountain biking. As long as you are always active, you will surely lose some weight in no time.

Tip #21 – Get good quality sleep

A lot of researchers have shown how a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Simply because when you don’t get enough rest, you always feel tired and your body will need more energy.

And where do you think your body wants to get that energy? From food of course, so you would tend to eat more when you don’t get enough sleep.

It is understandably very hard to get a 7 to 8-hour sleep when you are busy, but the important thing is the quality of your sleep.

As long as you get continuous sleep, then you will not feel tired the next day. Establishing good sleeping pattern is the key.

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Atkins vs Paleo Diet Foods

Atkins vs Paleo – Which One Is Right For You?

There are numerous diet plans in the internet that promises fast results in not time; thus, today we take time to compare two of the most prominent diets plans for you: Atkins vs Paleo. We hope that you will be able to choose the best one that would suit your taste.

Which one should you choose? Paleo or Atkins?

What we did is to list the most prominent features of each diet plan in a very simple manner so it will be easier to compare them as well as to choose the best one in your case.

Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet)

Atkins vs Paleo Diet FoodsTechnically speaking, Paleo diet is based on the customary way of eating of the Paleolithic people also referred to as Cavemen.

The main rule for the Paleo diet is the fact that your diet should only consist of those foods which can be obtained by either gathering or hunting, if it’s not then it should not be part of the diet.

Foods that goes with Paleo Diet

  • Pasture- raised meat
  • Fish and sea foods
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Olive oil, coconut oil and other healthy oils (usually as a salad dressing)

Foods that doesn’t go along with Paleo Diet

  • Artificial foods and drinks
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Fruit juices
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes
  • Vegetable oils, and
  • Grains

Meats under Paleo diets are the ones which are grass-fed; in cases that this certain type of meat is out of reach, you can substitute it with organic meats instead.

In addition, peanuts are not considered as nuts, they are legumes, thus it is best to change you most beloved peanut butter with almond butter or any nut butter of your choice.


Atkins Diet ( Delicious Weight loss diet)

This type of diet has been present for years now. The main principle of this Atkins diet is to push the body in resorting to restored body fats by depriving it of quick energy sources, this process is also known as “ ketosis”.

Under this type of diet, you don’t have to feel guilty if you divulge yourself with fatty meals, butters, mayonnaise, full fat dairy products and cheese. One the other hand, Atkins is strict when it comes to carbohydrates limitations and advocate large volume of fruits and vegetable intake.

What to eat under Atkins diet?

Atkins diet is divided into stages: inductions (most restrictive stage with only 20 grams of carbohydrates allowed which should come from low-carbohydrate vegetables), ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance, and maintenance.

Foods for all stages

  • Non-starch vegetables like mushrooms and greens
  • Cheeses
  • Seasonings and condiments
  • Poultry, beef, bacon, ham, pork, veal, and venison
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Beverages, such as sodas, coffee, fruit sugar or barley

Food for the latter stages

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Berries
  • Legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Whole milk and yogurt
  • Tomato juice and other fruits
  • Starchy vegetables, and
  • Foundation vegetables

You can make your final decision on which among these diets would suit you the best based on your weight loss and fitness goals as well as your favorite food choice. It is highly advisable that you go with the one which you think will fit your goals as well as you will be able to pursue until the end.

Choosing the best diets to lose weight fast is never easy; it is a tough decision to make since the diet that you will go with will be served with utmost of your time and effort so do more research and choose wisely. We hope this Atkins vs Paleo comparison provides enough information to help you make your decision.

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Comparison of Weight Loss Among Named Diet Programs in Overweight and Obese Adults – A Meta-analysis – The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Atkins Diet or the Paleo Diet: Which one is for me?

how to gain weight quickly with flax seeds

How to Gain Weight Quickly with the Healthy Benefits of Flaxseeds

Want to know how to gain weight quickly? Fill your diet with flaxseeds—an excellent source of protein, fiber and essential fats.

Here’s the latest health trend that you can add to your list of kitchen must-haves for healthy weight gain: flax seeds.

Flaxseeds or linseed are seeds from the flowering plant, Linum Usitatissimum. It may sound like some kind of a recent health discovery; but actually, flaxseed is one of the oldest known sources of fiber in the world.

It is known to have been first cultivated by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese.

Read further to find out more about the benefits you can get from this highly nutritious food.

Health Benefits Of Flax seeds

how to gain weight quickly with flax seedsIt’s a smart way to add calories to your diet since it is an excellent source of protein, fiber and essential fats.

Two tablespoons of flaxseed contain about 4 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

Flaxseed is also dense in folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus—all of which are important minerals that help regulate the metabolism.

A tablespoon for flaxseed oil already contains 125 calories—so adding one tablespoon to each meal is a great way to boost your calorie intake.

As someone who is looking for ways on how to gain weight quickly, flaxseed offers a great opportunity to add healthy calories to your regular meals.

Flaxseed, when used at the right dose, doesn’t alter the tastes of your food much; but in terms of increasing the health benefit, it does a lot.

Another excellent benefit you can get from flaxseed oil comes from its high essential fatty acid content. Specifically, flaxseed is rich in a type of essential fat called alpha-linoleic acid.

This essential fat is converted into Omega-3 fatty acid in the body, which plays an important role in lowering levels of bad cholesterol, increasing insulin-sensitivity of muscles and assist in steroid production.

Since the fat you get from flaxseed and flaxseed oil is heavily utilized by the body, it’s a great way to increase your fat intake without risking unhealthy weight gain.

You should also take advantage of the disease-preventing properties of this product. Remember that although you are skinny on the outside, you are not immune to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

How To Gain Weight Quickly By Adding Flax seeds to Your Favorite Food and Beverage.

You can add flaxseed to your diet by either adding the seeds or oil. Seeds can provide you with the additional benefit of protein, fiber and minerals while the oil contains more alpha-linoleic acid and calories.

Seeds are usually added to shakes and baked goods while the oil is often drizzled on soups, salad and cereal.

If you go with seeds, make sure you include a grinding or crushing step as you prepare it, since the husk can go undigested in your GI tract. This can be done by mixing with fruits and ice in a blender, or pounding it with ginger, garlic or pepper.

Most bodybuilders add flaxseed to their post-workout drinks by blending it with protein powders and some fruits.

That’s a good idea because aside from the protein, flaxseed is also rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are some minerals your body needs to restore ion balance after a tough workout.

If you want to maximize the cardiovascular health benefit from flaxseed oil, avoid cooking or exposing it to heat. Alpha-linoleic acid is easily oxidized with heat, making it less effective in controlling your cholesterol levels.

However, if you just want the protein, fiber and extra calories, cooking with flaxseed oil will not change the value and quality of these nutrients.

The interest on this “neglected food” has just been revived fairly recently, thanks to the resourcefulness of some nutrition experts who looked at ancient practices for inspiration to modern fitness trends.

Some of the most groundbreaking research that will uncover and prove the other benefits of flaxseed are yet to come; but so far, we already know that it is an excellent source of high-quality calories.

So go ahead, take advantage of the many benefits of this food and see how it helps you achieve your ideal weight.

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Flaxseed: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects.

MedicinePlus: Flaxseed Oil.


5 Tips For A Healthy Diet Plan For Women

5 Tips For A Healthy Diet Plan For Women

One of the hard things of being a woman is the truth that you need to be at your best as much as possible; and the only way to do this is to feel and look healthier inside-out. That is why you should follow a healthy diet plan for women, tailored to not only to make you look good but also to make you feel good.

Being physically fit will help you feel confident about yourself, plus you will be able to wear the clothes that you really wanted to wear for a very long time, and on a bigger picture, you can also be an inspiration to those who, like you, would want to have a better version of themselves.

Undeniably, health is a primary concern nowadays for most people, especially for women, it is a fact that with the advancement of our generation is the regression of our health due to worsening lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Research also shows that obesity is one of the main problems in the United States nowadays, which is an effect of many factors in our society in the present, including our food environment. In view of this there are now numerous studies as well as articles that advocate healthy diet for women since nothing matters most than a healthy body.

5 Tips For A Healthy Diet Plan For Women

What Makes a Healthy Diet Plan For Women?

Technically speaking, a healthy diet is the one that has a balance formulation all throughout the food pyramid. Here are some tips that will help you with your healthy diet meal plan.

#1. Focus on what’s natural and organic

Locally grown food or even those that are minimally processed ones should be the main stay in your diet; this will lessen the toxics that your body intake as well as reduce the risk of certain diseases.

#2. Eat lots of calcium

Research shows that compared to men, women have a higher risk of developing bone related problems, such as osteoporosis; due to this fact, it is vital for your diet to include a handful of dairy products as well as beans, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens and broccoli which are known to be good sources of calcium.

#3. Get an iron boost

A daily dose of iron is essential for women especially if we are to consider the fact that whenever a woman has her menstrual period, her body is losing tons iron with it. Get a boost of iron from iron-rich foods such as dark poultry, lentils, spinach, iron fortified cereals, and red meat.

#4. Go with protein

As we all know, Protein is important not only for women but also for everyone else. Make sure that you will be able to incorporate an ample amount of protein to your healthy diet plan, some of these are: chicken, turkey, dairy products and plant-based protein sources. In cases that you opt to eat red meat, go with the grass-fed ones as compared with the processed meats which are somewhat linked with increased cancer risks.

#5. Prefer complex carbohydrates over simple ones

Let me first draw a line between complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates; Complex Carbohydrates are also termed as “good carbs” while Simple Carbohydrates are termed as “bad carbs”.

The logic behind this is that complex carbohydrates are still rich in fiber, thus making the person feel full for a longer period of time; on the other hand, simple carbohydrates are the ones processed to be stripped with their natural fiber and thus have a great contribution to high blood pressure.

Good examples of complex carbohydrates  sources are stone ground whole wheat, whole grain brown rice as well as fruits and vegetables; while Simple carbohydrates sources are white rice, sugary foods and as well as white flour.

Bonus tip: Also include good fats in your diet. Source of good fats can come from nuts, olive oil and coconut oil.

In conclusion, there are still numerous guidelines that might also help you in tailoring your healthy diet plan for women; it will be your task to fully engross your attention and time on this matter. Try to bear in mind that investing for your health is never a waste of time and resources; it is the biggest thing that you need to focus on, because even if you are the wealthiest and the prettiest women on earth, if your health is suffering due to improper foods, everything else in your path will be worthless.

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Diet and Nutrition for Women: Eating Right to Look and Feel Your Best

5 Ways to Gain Weight

5 Ways to Gain Weight for Extremely Busy People

Gaining weight can be tough for those who are skinny and always on the go.  If you’re an extremely busy person who can’t even enjoy a full hour of lunch at work, here are 5 convenient ways to gain weight.

Are you an insanely busy, career-oriented person? Then perhaps that’s one of the reasons you’ve put off your plans to aim for your ideal weight for a long time. All those stressful hours at work and occasional all-nighters are not just making you lose more weight—they’re also keeping you from making an effort to gain them.

Good news: there are now many convenient and effortless ways to gain weight for busy people like you. Today, we’re showing you 5 weight gain tricks that we promise won’t take even an hour of your time.

5 Ways to Gain Weight

Here are 5 easy and efficient ways to gain weight for busy people like you.

#1. Replace water with milkshakes.

Whether you’re in an important meeting or you’re stuck in a convention, you are certainly allowed to carry around a bottle of water. If your workplace doesn’t allow brining lunch to meetings, liquids make an easy exemption because even your bosses understand that you need to be hydrated from time to time.

So, instead of just brining along water with you, why not replace the contents of your tumbler with something that will give you healthy calories? Prepare a milkshake with whole milk, ice, honey and calorie-dense fruits such as avocado, banana and mango—and you instantly have a 300-calorie beverage. If you’re lactose-intolerant, you may replace whole milk with soya milk instead.

#2. Set aside a cup of healthy snacks.

Mixed nuts and peanuts are a great snacking option for people who want to lose weight. Depending on whether it is toasted with oil or not, a cup of mixed nuts can contain 500-800 calories per cup. That’s the approximate amount of calories you can get from one full meal!

Aside from being loaded with calories, this snack can also give you the benefits of protein, healthy fats, fiber and minerals. If you set aside a cup of mixed nuts on your office desk, or munch on it during your downtime at home while watching TV or reading, you can consume all these healthy calories without paying much attention to it.

#3. Prepare D.I.Y. fat- and protein-based sauces and spreads.

Make your weekends more productive by preparing calorie-rich spreads and sauces that you can use throughout the week. Sauces and spreads are not only a great way to add as much as 150 calories to your meals; if done right, they can also make your food more appetizing.

Try making a delicious and protein-rich cheese sauce by adding and parsley, basil and chili powder to a regular cheese spread. Mash a piece of avocado and add cumin and cilantro for an easy, all-around guacamole that’s rich in healthy fat. You can also add generous amounts of olive oil to honey, lemon juice, pepper and mustard seeds; and use that mixture as salad dressing and marinade for your lean meats.

#4. Outsource your meals.

A lot of weight gain advice would tell you to eat more protein, complex carbohydrates, fats and natural sugar—but what if you just don’t have time to go to the grocery and prepare your own food? Luckily, there are now food delivery services that offer meals based on your nutritional requirements, be it high-protein or high-calorie. So make sure you order the healthy foods that help you gain weight.

Check the internet to see which businesses can deliver food to your office or home. Subscription to these services might sound pricey at first but if you consider the time and effort you put in planning your own meals, going to the grocery and cooking food yourself, it could be a really good deal.

#5. Do 20-Minute bodybuilding workouts at home.

If you’re a very busy person, going to the gym might be something that just won’t fit into your schedule. Or perhaps after working overtime, you would rather head straight home than spend a few more hours outside. Well, you can still gain healthy weight by building muscle at home through 20-minute bodybuilding workouts designed by professional trainers.

There are a lot of instructional videos you can download from the internet; and the best thing about these workouts is that you only need your body and a healthy amount of determination to do them. These workouts are usually composed of 8-2 reps of push-ups, squat jumps, squats and planks. Another benefit of doing these at-home exercises is that you don’t need to spend on gym membership anymore just to grow those muscles.

You see, gaining healthy weight doesn’t have to take too much time from your schedule. Once you get the right information, you’ll learn that there are many ways to gain weight without making drastic changes to your hectic daily routine.