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Crumpets vs English Muffins – What Are The Differences?

If you enjoy baked goods for breakfast, then you surely have wondered what the difference is between a crumpet and an English muffin. The truth is, these two can look very similar, but they are not. Do not make the mistake of ordering the wrong thing next time you are out for brunch! 

Take a look at what these two foods are and how they are unique in their way!

What Is A Crumpet?


A crumpet is a griddle cake made with unsweetened batter, milk, flour, and baking soda. This type of baked good is traditionally from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. There has been plenty of documentation to suggest that crumpets are originally from the region of Wales in the U.K.

Unlike muffins, crumpets have a flat top with pores on them, as well as a spongy texture. In some cases, crumpets are cooked entirely on the griddle, while in others, they may be slightly undercooked and then toasted. Many people eat crumpets with only butter, though some may add sweet toppings, like jam. 

You are supposed to eat crumpets whole and not break them apart. In some cases, crumpets may also be called pikelets, but this name may imply a different recipe in some regions. Crumpets have a distinct circular shape made through the use of a shallow ring. 

Nutrition Facts

One crumpet (45 g) has the following nutritional content (*): 

  • 102 calories
  • 19.6 g water 
  • 3.99 g protein
  • 0.76 g fat
  • 19.9 g carbohydrate
  • 1.58 g fiber 
  • 1.59 g sugar
  • 73.4 mg calcium 
  • 1.8 mg iron 
  • 10.8 mg magnesium 
  • 41.4 mg phosphorus 
  • 49 mg potassium 
  • 191 mg sodium
  • 42.3 µg folate

Are Crumpets Healthy?

As with other flour products, crumpets can be high in calories and carbohydrates. However, they also contain some vitamins, minerals, and a bit of fiber. 

The best way to ensure that crumpets remain healthy and nutritious is to accompany them with something low in fat, carbohydrates, and more protein. 

If you are looking to have a filling and energizing breakfast, then crumpets are a great addition. Instead of bread, add a crumpet with some eggs, and cheese, and you will have a more nutritious dish. 

Crumpets can also be great food for replenishing your body after a strenuous workout or active day. 

As you can see, because they are made with milk, crumpets contain some protein and calcium. This is a good thing to keep in mind because although a carbohydrate, it will also add some important nutrients to your meal. Not a lot of baked goods contain protein, and not a lot of carbohydrates contain calcium.  

In terms of other nutrients, you can also obtain a good amount of magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. These are all important micronutrients that keep our bodies’ many processes in check. 

Crumpets can be a boost when your body requires more energy, and you are starting to feel tired. 

Finally, when your crumpets are homemade, you can measure how much to use for every ingredient. For more fiber and to make the crumpet more nutritious, try using whole wheat flour for the batter. This will result in a denser product, which will also be more filling. 

For crumpets to stay healthy, you should watch for the toppings you use too. Stay away from using too much butter or surgery jams and jellies. When buying commercial crumpets, check for added sugars, sodium, and preservatives. 

What Is An English Muffin?

english muffins

An English muffin is a small, round bread made with yeast, flour, water, eggs, and salt. While it is not traditional, some recipes may exchange the water for milk. English muffins are toasted on both sides and are usually served cut in the middle. 

This food is traditionally a breakfast item in North America and Australia. In the United Kingdom, they are simply referred to as muffins. You can often find English muffins filled with eggs, ham, and cheese.

You may also find English muffins in many varieties, including cinnamon raisin, cranberry, whole wheat, and multi-grain. 

English muffins are also an essential ingredient in the famous breakfast dish eggs benedictine. While they are easy to make, you can find many varieties available commercially too. 

Nutrition Facts

One English muffin (58 g) has the following nutritional content (*): 

  • 132 calories
  • 25.3 g water
  • 5.14 g protein
  • 0.98 g fat
  • 25.6 g carbohydrate
  • 2.03 g fiber 
  • 2.05 g sugar
  • 94.5 mg calcium 
  • 2.32 mg iron
  • 13.9 mg magnesium 
  • 53.4 mg phosphorus 
  • 63.2 mg potassium  
  • 246 mg sodium 
  • 1.04 mg vitamin C

Are English Muffins Healthy?

English muffins are not an unhealthy food when they are consumed in moderation. As you can see, one muffin is relatively high in carbohydrates, but it also contains some fiber. 

Like crumpets, English muffins contain sugar, but this is not a high amount, especially if you prepare them at home. 

The nutritional content of this food will also vary depending on the dough used, whether they are whole grain or not, or whether they have added flavorings and sugar. 

When the English muffin is whole-wheat, you will obtain more fiber, which helps you stay full longer and lowers the sugar content your body gets. If you make the dough smaller, the English muffin will also have fewer calories. 

Depending on what you put on the English muffin, the caloric and fat content will also vary. Some people put cream cheese, peanut butter, or butter on their muffins, which makes them gain more calories and fat. However, if you add egg whites, turkey, or cheese, you can increase the protein as well. 

Just like crumpets, English muffins contain calcium and protein. This is partly because of the dough, but the content may increase if you use milk. You can also increase the protein content when you use whole wheat flour. 

Finally, you can obtain other micronutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Be aware that some commercial English muffins contain more sodium, so you should always check. If you prepare your muffins at home, you can add less sugar and less salt. 

What Are The Key Differences Between Crumpets and English Muffins?

The first difference between crumpets and English muffins is how they are prepared. While they are both cooked on a griddle, crumpets are only cooked on one side, and they have holes on the top. English muffins are toasted on both sides, and they are often served split in the middle. 

For the most part, the ingredients are similar, but there is one clear difference. Crumpets are prepared using milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and baking soda. English muffins often contain yeast, flour, water, eggs, and salt. 

Another difference is the texture between these two types of breakfast cakes. Crumpets tend to be very spongy, soft, and fluffy. English muffins are denser, dry, and resemble bread. 

How you eat each of these foods is also different, though some toppings may be similar. Most people eat crumpets with butter or jam on top. On the other hand, English muffins are served open and filled with eggs, ham, cheese, salmon, butter, or cream cheese. 

One final difference is where they are popular in the world. Crumpets are very popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. English muffins are very popular in the United States and Australia. 

Main DifferencesCrumpetEnglish Muffin
Origin The United Kingdom, specifically England, and Wales. England
Aroma Slightly sweet and toastedDepending on the type, but sweet and salty
ColorYellow with a toasted brown topLight yellow to brown
ToppingsTopped with butter, jam, or jellyTopped with butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, eggs, cheese, or ham
Taste Savory and slightly sweetCan be salty, sweet, or both depending on the dough
How To CookPrepare batter, place the ring on the griddle, pour the batter, and allow to cook throughout. Prepare dough and allow it to rise, make it into a small ball, place on the griddle, and cook on both sides until toasted. 
Cook Time25 to 35 minutes2 hours
Calories per 100 gram serving227 calories227 calories

Is A Crumpet or An English Muffin Healthier?

As you can see both a crumpet and an English muffin have the relative same nutrient content. However, crumpets are less dense and contain less fiber. English muffins can be higher in sugar and salt, depending on the dough. 

If you want to choose the healthier choice, you may want to pick a whole wheat crumpet and accompany it with a protein of choice. 

English muffins can be made more nutritious depending on the flour you use. To make English muffins a better choice, you can also accompany them with low-calorie and high protein food, like egg whites. 

The choice is ultimately up to you and your taste. Some people prefer crumpets because they are fluffy and easy to make. English muffins resemble bread, which is why some people prefer it when eating breakfast. 

When you want to save calories and fat, make either your crumpet or English muffin with whole-wheat flour, and reduce the salt and sugar content. You can also use healthy toppings, such as egg whites, salmon, or vegetables. 

Always check the ingredient list if you are buying your crumpets or English muffins. 


Now that you know everything there is to know about crumpets or English muffins, why not try both? You can choose the one you like most and make it at home for a more nutritious choice. If you can’t make it yourself, be careful, and read the labels for added ingredients.

english muffins vs crumpets

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