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Top 7 Substitutes For Eggs That Work Great In Cooking and Baking Recipes

Eggs are so common that many people don’t think twice about using them. There will be times, though, when you need to skip them and it can be quite disastrous unless you know what alternatives to use.

From baking to breakfast, eggs are essential in the human diet. It may even be present in a lot of the prepared foods that you eat regularly.

However, if you need to avoid using eggs or can’t find any, there are some alternatives you can add to your dish for very similar results.

Why Replace Eggs, Anyway?

While some people don’t like the taste or smell of eggs, others have serious conditions that prevent them from eating this food. These are some of the reasons why you would replace eggs:

  • Egg allergy: This allergy is particularly common in children, and while most of them outgrow it, some don’t and need to avoid eggs at all times.
  • Egg intolerance: While not a full allergy, this intolerance causes GI distress and pain, which is why many people avoid eggs if they suffer from it. 
  • Veganism: People that follow a plant-based diet don’t consume any animal products, so eggs are out of the question.
  • Eggs go bad: Sometimes your eggs are no longer fresh, so you might need to find something else to replace it in your recipes. (Also see more: how long are eggs good for)

What Can I Replace Eggs With?

You shouldn’t give up on making your favorite dishes so try using these egg substitutes instead:

For Baking, Brownies, Cookies, Pancakes, and Cake Mix 

#1. Applesauce

This apple purée is a great choice for those who want a healthy option. You can buy commercial applesauce everywhere, but you can also make it easily at home.

All you need to do is cook peeled apples with sugar and spices, and then purée them enough.

Keep into account that applesauce has more moisture and can alter the final texture if you don’t adjust the liquid in your recipe. For one egg in each recipe, you can use about ⅓ of a cup of applesauce.

This choice is great for baking brownies, cakes, muffins, and some cookies.

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#2. Ground Flax Seeds

A healthy food choice, ground flax seeds have become incredibly popular lately because it is high in essential fatty acids.

You can use ground flax seeds as a binding agent when you mix them with water. This thick, mushy mix can help create a similar texture to eggs, but it will be nutty and a bit grassy.

You can buy ground flax seeds in any health or organic store, but some grocery stores may have them too. Use this choice in pancakes, bread, and cookies, but be careful as the seeds themselves will be noticeable in most cases.

#3. Nut Butter

In this case, we’re talking about peanut, almond, walnut, or cashew butter. These kinds of butter are all high in protein, but they are also thick and make for great binding agents in baking.

You should note that nut butter has a distinct flavor, so try using it in making pancakes, brownies, cookies, and banana bread.

You can find nut butter in any grocery store, but we suggest you choose only the smooth type and not the crunchy one. You can use about three tablespoons per egg, but you may want to add more liquid.

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#4. Mashed Bananas

Because they are thick and mushy, bananas are a great option in baking and binding. You can use them in baking cookies, brownies, pancakes, and cakes.

You may already have bananas at home, so all you need to do is use a fork to make them into a mushy mix. 

Keep in mind that bananas have a particular flavor, so you need to take that into account. You could add a bit of vanilla extract, cinnamon, and cocoa powder. Use ⅓ of a cup of mashed bananas for every egg in your recipe.

For Cooking, Meatloaf, Meatballs, Breaded Chicken, and Frying 

#5. Mashed Potatoes

While this choice may seem unconventional, mashed potatoes are a great egg substitute for making dishes like meatloaf, meatballs, and breaded products to fry. You can use the potatoes on their own, or mix them with breadcrumbs.

We recommend you make the mashed potatoes at home for flavoring, but if you buy them commercially, just make sure you adjust for other ingredients.

This is a dense product, so consider using more liquids too. Use ⅓ cup of mashed potatoes for every egg your recipe calls for.

#6. Ricotta

This cheese is creamy and thick, which acts as a great egg substitute in making certain dishes. You can use ricotta in meatballs, meatloaf, breaded chicken or pork, and fried foods.

You can use ¼ cup of ricotta cheese for every one egg that the dish calls for, but make sure you take into account the amount of sodium.

Buying ricotta shouldn’t be hard, but try a local grocery store or organic store. You can use more ricotta if your product doesn’t have to bake at high temperatures or for too long, otherwise, the cheese may start to form a crust.

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#7. Yogurt

Another weird option, but is healthy and high in protein, yogurt can make for a great addition to your cooking process. Make sure you go for the plain and full-fat kind, especially because the higher the fat content, the better the binding properties.

Some people like to mix Greek yogurt with a splash of full-fat milk, which is another good trick.

You can buy yogurt anywhere, but surely a grocery or organic store will have it. If you are breading chicken, cooking meatloaf, meatballs, or coating things to fry, this choice works great, too.

You can use ⅓ cup of yogurt for every egg, but also in a pinch, buttermilk works too, it may just make the flavor a bit acidic.

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What can I use instead of eggs in brownies?

A great alternative for baking brownies is using applesauce, mashed bananas, or flaxseeds. You can also try mashed avocados or yogurt, but keep in mind that both of these have a distinct flavor.

Can you use oil instead of eggs?

In some cases, you can replace one egg for more oil, but when it comes to recipes that need more of a binding agent, we suggest you also add one of these seven substitutes. Don’t add too much oil either, as this can make the recipe too greasy.

Can I make a cake mix without eggs?

Yes, you can make cakes without using eggs, and most of these alternatives are great choices. Some good options include applesauce, mashed bananas, nut butter, or yogurt. You can use any of these other substitutes, but the flavor may be altered.


Eggs are essential in most of our lives, and they are key in some recipes, but they can still be replaced for good final products.

These seven substitutes are great in different dishes, so you can pick any of them, or you can mix as well for flavor. Time to get cooking or baking!

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