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Top 33 Foods That Start With D

Ever wonder what it is like to use the alphabet when you need inspiration? Why not start by trying out the top foods that start with D. You will see that there are plenty of options and dishes that may become favorites at home!

Here is our list of fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and whole foods that begin with the letter N:

Condiments, Spices, and Additives

#1. Dill

Dill is a herb, but it is often used as a seasoning and condiment for various dishes. The flavor is pungent and slightly licorice-like. You can use fresh or dry dill when making things like dips, salmon, and soups.

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#2. Dandelion Green

Another herb that is used in cooking, this type of green is the edible leaf of a wildflower. You can use dandelion greens in salads, vinaigrettes, and even wine. This type of seasoning can be used raw, dry, breaded, or fried.

#3. Dip

A dip is a mixture of flavors in liquid form, which can be thick or thin depending on the ingredients. Common dips include tzatziki, hummus, onion, ranch, or cheese. Dips are often served with bread, chips, or vegetables as an appetizer. 

#4. Duck Sauce

Duck sauce is a traditional Chinese condiment that has a sweet and sour flavor and a jelly-like orange appearance. This sauce often accompanies dishes like egg rolls, wontons, spring rolls, chicken, fish, or noodles.

Despite its name, this sauce does not contain any duck or duck products. 

#5. Deglaze

Deglazing refers to the term of removing and dissolving browned food particles from a pan to create sauces, soups, and gravy. A deglaze is often served on top of the meat, such as turkey, chicken, or pork. You may find deglazes made with wine or vinegar as well. 

#6. Drawn Butter

Drawn butter is melted butter that is served as a sauce for seafood, often prepared by steam. In some cases, the butter will be clarified, but this is not always the case. When served with seafood, drawn butter often contains lime or lemon juice too. 

#7. Dijon Mustard

You probably know mustard, but this typically comes directly from the Dijon town in the Burgundy region of France.

Dijon mustard has a sharper more long-lasting flavor than regular yellow mustard. This condiment is often part of cheese boards, accompanies meat and sausage, and is sometimes used in vinaigrettes. 

Fruits and Vegetables

#8. Dragon Fruit

Also known as pitaya, this fruit is native to Central America and Mexico but now grows everywhere in the world. Like kiwi, this fruit has crunchy seeds and soft flesh, and its seeds contain healthy fatty acids.

Dragon fruit is often consumed raw on its own, in salads, smoothies, or desserts.  

#9. Date

A date is the fruit of the date palm tree, which grows in many tropical places, but you will most likely only see this fruit dried. The two most common varieties are Medjool and Deglet Noor, which are chewy and sweet.

Dates are often consumed because they contain high fiber and promote healthy GI movement.

#10. Dewberry

Dewberries are closely related to blackberries and are usually used in jams, jellies, and spreads. You can find these berries in North America, as they prefer temperate regions.

While you may have a hard time finding these fruits fresh, you will find them in pies and cobblers everywhere.

#11. Damson

The damson plum is a little smaller than a regular plum, and they taste sourer as well. These plums are great fresh, dry, cooked, and frozen. You can find damson plums in desserts, jams, jellies, and wine.

#12. Daikon

Daikon is a Japanese white radish that grows in the winter and has the shape of a short turnip with long leaves. This radish is often served raw and tastes mild and tangy with a soft texture, but when cooked, it turns very sweet.

Many Asian cuisines use daikon raw, cooked, or pickled in various dishes.

#13. Durian

Durian is a native Thai and Malaysian fruit that is known because of its overpowering smell. This fruit is so smelly that it has been banned from many public spaces in certain countries. The flavor, however, is sweet and sour with an aftertaste of vanilla.

#14. Dasheen

Dasheen is another name for the tuber commonly known as taro grown in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Taro is known for being a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which makes it a great addition to many dishes. Dasheen has become so popular lately that you may even see it as a flavor in frozen yogurt.

#15. Dahl

Dahl is the term used to describe the dried, split pulses in India, which are traditionally prepared as a soup or curry. This dish is vegetarian, not spicy, and slightly aromatic, making it versatile for everyone. Dahl is often served with rice, naan, or roti.

Prepared Dishes

#16. Dumpling

A dumpling is a ball of dough filled meat or vegetables, usually fried, steamed, baked, or boiled. While Asian dumplings are the most common, many Western cuisines have adapted this food as well. These days you may even find dumplings that are filled with sweets.

#17. Dolmas

Dolmas is a term used to describe stuffed dishes from the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Balkans. Common foods stuffed in cabbage rolls or vine leaves include tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and meat. Dolmas are prepared in a bright, lemony, and aromatic broth.

#18. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs that have been shelled, cut in half, and filled with a filling made of mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, pepper, paprika, and egg whites. This dish is also known as stuffed eggs, Russian eggs, or stuffed eggs.

Deviled eggs are often served as an appetizer or finger food at cocktails or parties. 

#19. Dilkush Bread

Dilkush bread is a puff pastry or bread that contains dry fruit and a coconut mixture. Some recipes also include nuts, like cashews or almonds. You will find this South Indian cake in various regions, but the filling and preparation may vary.

#20. Dodger

A corn dodger is an old-fashioned cornbread made into an oval shape. You can make this baked good very easily, all you need is cornmeal, water, and salt. Dodgers are usually served with butter as a side dish.

#21. Danish

A Danish pastry is a multi-layer sweet pastry with a laminated dough. This pastry was brought to the United States by immigrants, who then added cheese or fruits as toppings. These days, you will find Danish filled with jam, jelly, custard, almonds, pecans, or toffee. 

#22. Dowdy

An apple pandowdy is a baked apple dessert that dates back to colonial times and the Pennsylvania Dutch colonies.

Many think of it as a simpler apple pie that requires less attention to detail. This dessert is often served in the winter holidays, but it can be made whenever apples are in season.

#23. Deep Dish Pizza

Also called Chicago-style pizza, this type of pizza is made in a pan in the oven, which results in a bigger and thicker crust. Deep-dish pizza is more like a pie than a flatbread, so it can sometimes be filled with cheese inside as well.

While it is famous in Chicago, you may now be able to buy it elsewhere.

#24. Donut

A donut or doughnut is a fried dough product with the shape of a circle and a hole in the middle. This donut is often made with flour dough and fried, sometimes filled with chocolate, jelly, custard, or topped with honey, chocolate, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or sprinkles.

You can find donuts everywhere, from convenience stores to bakeries.

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Fish, Poultry, Meat, and Others

#25. Duck

Duck is considered a delicacy in many cuisines, including Chinese and French. It can be prepared in various ways, including roasted, baked, or fried. Duck is considered white meat, so it is relatively healthy, though expensive.

#26. Drumstick

When you hear the word drumstick in cooking, it is most likely referring to the calf part of the chicken or turkey. This part is often eaten on its own and prepared alongside chicken wings and thighs.

Depending on the preparation, drumsticks can be served with sauce, glaze, grilled, or fried. 

#27. Dolphinfish

You may recognize the name mahi-mahi, but in reality, this fish is called dolphinfish or dorado. This fish is common in the Caribbean and Pacific regions, and it is often grilled because it doesn’t fall apart like other fish.

Sometimes you can find dolphinfish stuffed, baked, or breaded in coconut.

Cocktails and Beverages

#28. Daiquiri

Daiquiri refers to a family of cocktails that contain rum, citrus juice, and sugar or syrup. The flavor depends on what citrus and other fruits may be added, which is why the most popular types are strawberry or pineapple. The better the brand of rum, the tastier this drink will be. 

#29. Draft

You may have heard people asking for a draft or draught at a bar, and they are referring to a beer drawn from a cask or keg instead of a bottle or can.

This type of serving is common in bars and restaurants, and it may be cheaper too. In some cases, you will also find other drinks from a draft, like wine or liquor. 

#30. Drambuie

Drambuie is a golden color liqueur that comes from Scotch whiskey, honey, herbs, and spices. It is now mostly used in cocktails, such as the Rusty Nail, but can be enjoyed on its own. The flavor is very sweet and highly aromatic. 

#31. Darjeeling

Darjeeling tea is a collection of black tea from the regions of West Bengal in India. You may now find a variety of Darjeeling teas, including white, green, and oolong. These types of tea are floral, slightly sweet, and fruity. 

#32. Demerara

Demerara is a type of rum from the Guyana region and derived from sugarcane. The style is similar to Jamaican rum, but it has a smokier finish. Demerara rum-makers create various flavors of rum, which can also be aged in different stages. 

#33. Demitasse

A demitasse is a small cup used for Turkish coffee or espresso, but it is now a term used to refer to this type of coffee. The term means half-cup in French, and contains about two to three ounces of coffee. You may hear this term in some restaurants and bars that serve Turkish food. 


What fruit starts with D?

Fruits that start with the letter D include Damson plum, dewberries, and dragon fruit. While dates are dry, they are also fruit.

What breakfast food starts with D?

Some breakfast foods that start with the letter D include Danish, donut, deviled eggs, and dilkush bread. You may not think of these as breakfast items, but they go well in any meal.

What meal begins with D?

Meals or dishes by the letter D are deviled eggs, deep-dish pizza, drumstick, dumpling, dolmas, or dolphinfish.


Cooking can be hard and tiring, but why not try changing everything up by following the alphabet letters? This list of foods that start with D is comprehensive and can have some delicious foods that you may not think of otherwise. Try one or many and give yourself a treat!

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