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Top 27 Foods That Start With I

Ever considered cooking by using the alphabet letters? It could be a liberating way to shake things up at home, especially these days when inspiration may be hard to come by. This list of foods that start with the letter I can be a good starting point.

List of Food Names that Begin With The Letter I

Here is our list of fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and whole foods that begin with the letter I:

Condiments, Spices, and Additives

#1. Italian Dressing

This dressing consists of Italian flavors mixed in with vinegar and oil, usually oregano, parsley, basil, and thyme. Italian dressing usually contains chopped red bell peppers, onions, and garlic as well. You can make this condiment easily at home or buy it commercially everywhere. 

#2. Italian Seasoning

Italian seasoning is a common blend of herbs and spices, including basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, sage, and coriander.

While these are the common herbs used, there will be variations depending on the commercial brand. This seasoning is essential in cooking meat, soups, salads, and sauces.

#3. Italian Parsley

Italian parsley is a variety of the herb parsley native to the Mediterranean region. Unlike the other varieties, this parsley is flat-leafed and has a strong aroma and flavor. Some describe its flavor as citrus, earthy, and fresh.

#4. Icing

Also known as frosting, this sweet, creamy glaze comes from sugar and a liquid, usually water or milk. To create more richness, sometimes, butter, eggs, or cream cheese can be added. Icing is popular on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. 

#5. Indian Mustard

Indian mustard is a type of plant native to India that has edible stems, seeds, and leaves. The seeds are often used to create mustard, but this type is spicier than its yellow counterpart. Indian mustard oil is also widely used as cooking oil, and as alternative medicine.

#6. Iodized Salt

Iodized salt is a type of table salt that contains iodine, which became a norm in many countries to prevent iodine deficiency. The flavor doesn’t change and there is no nutritional difference with regular salt aside from the added iodine. In some countries, all commercial salt must be iodized. 

Fruits and Vegetables

#7. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is the lettuce that you will likely find everywhere, from your burger to your salad. It has a very neutral flavor, as it consists mostly of water, and a distinct crunch to it. Iceberg lettuce is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy choice.

#8. Icaco

Icaco is the term given to a fruit similar to the plum native to the Americas, Africa, and the Caribbean. This fruit tastes sweet and is white inside with a texture similar to a melon. Icaco is traditionally used in jams and desserts because of its sweetness.

#9. Idaho Potatoes

As the name suggests, these are potatoes native to the state of Idaho in the United States. This state is ideal for potato growth due to its climate and terrain. Russet potatoes are the most common ones, but there are over 25 varieties of Idaho potatoes.

#10. Inca Berries

Similar to a gooseberry, these South American berries are small with glossy, yellow skin and papery leaves. These berries are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, so they are often used for medicinal purposes.

Inca berries are distinctly sour but have a hint of sweetness at the end. 

#11. Indian Squash

Also known as bottle squash, this vegetable is used in various dishes, including curry. Indian squash is popular in other cuisines as well, including Pakistani. The flavor is nutty and the texture is creamy.

#12. Indian Almond Fruit

Sometimes called country almond, Malabar almond, sea almond, and false Kamani, this fruit is native to the subtropical and Pacific Ocean regions. The flavor is nutty, somewhat similar to almonds and other nuts.

Indian almond fruit is known to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

#13. Indian Pea

Indian pea is also called white pea or grass pea and it is a legume from Asia and East Africa. This food can be consumed as a cooked legume, or pulverized to make flour. In some regions of India, the leaves and stems are also used in a dish called chana saag.    

#14. Ice Vegetable

Due to its frozen appearance, this vegetable is named ice vegetable and it is a unique plant from South Africa. It is used raw or cooked but will get crunchier as it is placed in the heat. Ice vegetable tastes a bit salty, lemony, and somewhat fishy.

#15. Indian Fig

Indian fig is a species of cactus that is grown around the world but seems to originate in Mexico. It is used as a vegetable in various dishes and it is often referred to as nopal. The fruit of this plant can also be used to make jellies, jams, and liquor.

#16. Indian Corn

Indian corn is one of the oldest varieties of corn, and it is often called flint corn. This corn was the one cultivated by Native Americans long before colonization. Indian corn is often used in hominy, polenta, and other corn-based dishes.

Prepared Dishes

#17. Instant Noodles

A must-have for college students, instant noodles like ramen, are precooked and dried noodles that only require boiling water to be ready. These noodles are now available in various shapes and flavors.

While ramen is the most common one, you can find other types of noodles in any store.

#18. Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts made with cream, milk, and sugar. These days, you can find thousands of flavors, including the classic chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and pistachio. Ice cream is very common and may also be used in cakes.

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#19. Idli

Idli is a type of savory rice cake originally from India and Sri Lanka. This cake is made with the batter of fermented black lentils and rice. This fermentation process helps break down the starches, which makes digestion easier.

#20. Idiyappam

Also called string hopper, nool puttu, or noolappam, or chomai, this dish consists of rice noodles formed into a flat-disc shape and then steamed.

Idiyappam is often served as a breakfast or dinner item along with curry or chutney. These days, idiyappam flour is sold ready to be used to speed up the process. 

#21. Italian Ice

Italian ice is a frozen treat made with fruit or artificial flavoring similar to a snow cone or sorbet. This dessert does not contain any milk or eggs, so it is safe to eat for everyone. Italian ice was first introduced by Italian immigrants in the United States to copy Sicilian granita.

#22. Israeli Falafel

Israeli falafel is a traditional food that consists of ground chickpeas, fava beans, and seasoning. This dish is completely vegetarian and often a popular choice because of its high protein content. Falafel is often served with warm pita, hummus, or other sauces.

#23. Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is a variety of quick bread that uses baking soda as a leavening agent in place of yeast. Traditional ingredients for this bread include flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt. Sometimes, other ingredients like butter, eggs, nuts, or raisins may be added as well.

#24. Instant Pudding

This commercial product is a powder that will become pudding with the simple addition of water. Instant pudding consists mostly of sugar, additives, and thickening agents. Commercial puddings are sold in boxes and are shelf-stable.

#25. Instant Oatmeal

As the name suggests, this type of oatmeal is partially cooked and dried, which makes it quick to prepare. These oats contain the same amount of nutrients as regular oatmeal but may have more sugar and flavoring.

Instant oats are available in many flavors and only require water or milk to cook.

Fish, Poultry, Meat, and Others

#26. Italian Meatballs

A meatball is made with rolled ground beef or meat shaped into a ball, seasoned with spices, breadcrumbs, and cooked with eggs and butter.

Italian meatballs are often served with a tomato-based sauce, Italian spices, and pasta. In some cases, Italian meatballs are made with veal or buffalo meat.

Cocktails and Beverages

#26. Irish Coffee

This popular drink is made with Irish whiskey, sugar, coffee, and whipping cream. Irish coffee is a popular beverage in the cold winter months. You can find this drink in any Irish pub or restaurant, though it is widely available elsewhere too.

#27. Irish Cream

Irish cream is a liqueur made with cream, Irish whiskey, and flavorings. This beverage is often served with coffee or in other mixed cocktails. Irish cream is a holiday favorite, as it is sweet and thick.

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What foods start with I?

Some foods that start with the letter I include Italian ice, Italian meatballs, Indian pea, Idli, and Icaco.

What healthy food starts with I?

There are various healthy foods by the letter i. Some common ones include iceberg lettuce, Indian plum, Indian pea, Inca berries, and Indian squash. All of these are high in vitamins and minerals.

What breakfast foods start with I?

Some breakfast items by the letter I include instant oatmeal, idiyappam, and Irish soda bread. Some fruits, like the Indian plum, Indian almond fruit, and Indian fig, can also be eaten for breakfast.


Surprised by how many foods there are by the letter I? You can now search for these foods in your local grocery store or online and prepare them at home. No more waiting for inspiration when dinner comes around!

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