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Top 25 Foods That Start With U

Have you been battling with what to make for dinner this week? It can be hard to come up with new recipes lately, so why not try a new system? This week you could try making foods that start with the letter U, and you will be surprised at how many options are out there.

List Of Food That Begins With The Letter U

Here is our list of fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and whole foods that begin with the letter U:

Condiments, Spices, and Additives

#1. Urfa Biber Pepper Flakes

These Turkish chili peppers come from the Urfa region of this country. These pepper flakes are often used in the same way as Aleppo pepper, either as a condiment or base for many dishes. The flavor profile is usually a combination of sweet and bitter, like chocolate and tobacco.

Fruits and Vegetables

#2. Ugli

Ugli is a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin. While it is the size of a grapefruit, it is sweeter and the skin comes off pretty easily. You will likely find this fruit in Jamaica, but it is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and other places.

#3. Ugni 

Ugni is a berry that grows in Chile, which is why it is often referred to as Chilean guava as well. While many don’t use or know of this fruit, it is fairly common in the south of Chile. However, it is also part of liqueur Murtado, a combination of aguardiente and sugar. 

#4. Ububese

Also called a dwarf custard apple, ububese is a common fruit in African countries, including Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. The flavor is sweet, and it is equally good raw, cooked, or preserved.

#5. Ume

While some know it as Japanese plum, Japanese apricot, Chinese plum, or plum blossom.  This fruit is related to the apricot and it is commonly used in sweet and savory dishes of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisines.

Umeboshi is the dish that you may hear about, and it consists of these plums in pickled form.

#6. Uchuva

Uchuva is known as goldenberry or Cape gooseberry in other countries. It is a yellow fruit that resembles a berry but tastes much sourer. It is traditionally from South America, so while you can find it in other countries, the cost may be very high.

This very small fruit contains tons of nutrients, including vitamins A, B, and C, fiber, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

#7. Umbu

Also referred to as the Brazilian plum, Umbu has a citrus flavor that is both sweet and sour. Locals use the pulp to make a drink called umbuzada, which is a mix of milk, umbu, and sugar. You can find this fruit in many sizes and colors like yellow and green.

#8. Usuma

You may be surprised to learn that this food is known as the peanut butter fruit. Usuma is a small orange and red fruit that tastes like peanut butter and is also a little sweet.

This fruit is native to South America, particularly the Andean countries, like Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.

#9. Ube

This African pear is mostly found in Nigeria, but also in other parts of the continent. It has a buttery flavor and texture, and it is often prepared steamed.

Ube is often used as part of alternative medicine in these countries because it contains a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

#10. Urad Bean

More widely known as Vigna mungo, the urad bean is native to Southeast Asia. The outside of the bean looks like a black lentil, but the inside is white.

This bean is most famously known for being a key ingredient in dal, but it is also part of many Asian dishes, specifically Indian and Punjabi.

#11. Ulluco

Ulluco is one of the most common tubers in the South American region, coming second to the potato, but still part of the everyday diet.

While most people consume only the tube, the leaves are often used as vegetables. Ulluco is highly nutritious, as it contains protein, calcium, and vitamin A.

#12. Urava

Urava is a tropical fruit that grows on a tree called mangrove apple tree or gedabu. It has a sour taste, but it can be used both raw and cooked. You may not be able to see this fruit unless you visit East Africa, South East Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

Prepared Dishes

#13. Udon Noodles

This Japanese noodle is traditionally used in many dishes, including soups, stir-fry, and fish. Udon is made from wheat and it is thick and chewy, which makes it very filling as well. In the hot days of summer, cold soups with udon noodles are considered a staple.

#14. Ugali

Ugali is considered an African-style porridge also known as ugali pap, nshima, or nsima. This dish is made from maize, cassava, or sorghum flour. To prepare it, the flour or maize is boiled in water or milk until the texture becomes thick and stiff, almost like polenta.

#15. Umple Pie

This dish originated in the United Kingdom and it consists of organ meat, either kidneys, heart, or liver, from animals, usually deer.

This pie is very cheap to make, so it has been a staple since medieval times. The seasoning consists of nutmeg, salt, and pepper, though other recipes include more ingredients.

#16. Umbricelli Pasta

Many think of umbricelli pasta as a type of thick and fat spaghetti originally from the Sienna region in Italy. This pasta is made with durum wheat and it is usually chewier than other kinds of pasta.

You can find many recipes out there, but most of them are passed on through family traditions.

#17. Upma

Also known as uppittu or uppumavu, this dish is a porridge made from semolina or rice flour, usually from Southern India or Sri Lanka.

While it is typically eaten as a breakfast food, it also contains vegetables and can be served during other mealtimes. Some recipes also add fruits and other seasonings.

#18. Upside-Down Cake

This popular cake is popular in the United States and the UK, and it is made with fruit, usually pineapple. Its name comes from the fact that the fruit and toppings are at the bottom, while the batter is poured on top. Some recipes include other fruits, like kiwi, peaches, or strawberries.

#19. Uthappam

Uthappam is a type of dosa from South India, but this one is thicker and often contains toppings. This crepe-like food is commonly prepared with vegetables, wheat flour, and rice. While some people think of uthappam as breakfast food, it can accompany any meal of the day. 

#20. Uszka

These small dumplings are traditionally from Poland and are filled with mushrooms and ground meat. They look very similar to tortellini pasta and they are prepared with butter and herbs. These are usually prepared by being boiled in broth or water, making them relatively healthy. 

#21. Utah Scones

As the name suggests, these scones come from the Utah region of the United States. They are inspired by Native American pastries but are sweet and deep-fried. Some people pair them with buttermilk, chocolate, and fruits, like blueberries or strawberries.

#22. Usal

Usal is a spicy curry made with sprouted beans and traditional Indian cuisine. The flavors are often spicy and aromatic, and sometimes it can also contain lentils or dried beans. You will often see this dish served with rice or bread accompanied by vegetables.

Fish, Poultry, Meat, and Others

#23. Unagi

This expensive delicacy is Japanese seawater eel, often prepared with soy sauce and seasonings. Unagi is often cut into squares and served with rice, bread, or sushi. The eel is always cooked, as raw eel can be extremely dangerous and poisonous.

#24. Uni

Uni is Japanese for sea urchin, or more specifically sea urchin gonads. While it may sound weird, many consider uni to be a delicacy due to its creamy texture and strong flavor. If you happen to come across uni, you may realize how expensive it can be!

Cocktails and Beverages

#25. Ultimate Irish Coffee

An ultimate Irish coffee is a drink made with Bailey’s Irish cream, Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and whipped cream. This drink is served hot in an Irish coffee glass during the winter months, but it can be enjoyed year-round. Because it contains Bailey’s, it is very sweet and decadent too.


What fruit starts with U?

Some of the common fruits that start with U are uchuva, ugli, urava, umbu, and usuma. You may find some other fruits that you may not be familiar with, but that are equally delicious and unique.

What vegetable starts with U?

The two most common vegetables by the letter U are ulluco and uran beans. The first one is a tube from South America, while the second is a bean from South East Asia.

What drinks start with U?

Some of the drinks that start with the letter U are ultimate Irish coffee, ultimate bloody Mary, and UFO.


If you need to think too hard about food every time you cook, then why not try going for something different? Use this list of foods that start with the letter U and try something new! Remember that some of these are easily accessible and some are very rare dishes.

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