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Top 6 Substitutes For Dry Mustard Powder That Are Tangy and Sharp

Ground mustard is one of those ingredients that is in everything. I find it in my favorite pickles, sauerkraut, salad dressing, and pork roast. However, not everyone knows how and when to use this spice.

If you find yourself at a loss on what to use instead of ground mustard, then this list is for you. Don’t worry about changing plans just because you’re missing one ingredient, as there are plenty of options for you. 

What Is Ground Mustard?

Also called powdered mustard, this spice is made from grinding the mustard seeds and then leaving the seed coat behind so that only a fine powder remains.

Unlike mustard seeds, this powder is more subtle and only a bit pungent and aromatic. This spice is often used in adding richness to beef, pork, cheese, and butter.

Ground mustard is also great in liquid dishes and ingredients because it gives a bit of aromatic and pungency.

You can often find this spice as part of soups, rubs, dressings, deviled eggs, and pickled vegetables. Some people may also use ground mustard to make their homemade mustard condiment. 

Why Replace Ground Mustard, Anyway?

There are many individuals out there who may need or want to avoid ground mustard. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Allergy: Surprisingly for some, mustard allergies are not that uncommon, which means that ground mustard is out of the options because it would result in a very dangerous allergic reaction.
  • Accessibility: Some people have never or used ground mustard before, so it can be difficult for them to use it.
  • Flavor: Just like there are individuals that dislike the spiciness and pungency of mustard, ground mustard can be a little too strong for them.

What Can I Replace Ground Mustard With?

No matter the reason, if you need one, these ground mustard substitutes can work well in any of your dishes:

Best For Mac and Cheese, Egg Salad, and Pickles

#1. Mustard

Since ground mustard comes from the same main ingredient, using the prepared mustard condiment in its place makes a lot of sense.

The standard yellow mustard that you have in your refrigerator or the one you can find at the grocery store would work in making things like mac and cheese, egg salad, pickles, and deviled eggs.

Prepared mustard contains a little sugar, and thus, the flavor tends to be milder and sweeter, so you may want to add more spices to make the flavor more similar.

If you prefer it, you can use dijon mustard or spicy brown, but keep in mind that these add aroma and flavors of their own. Always make sure to add your mustard with enough time when you cook, so that it blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

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#2. Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are the predecessor to ground mustard, so they can be a good replacement for it. You can even grind or blend them down to a powder form to get a similar texture to that of ground mustard.

Pick yellow mustard seeds if you can, as they are milder, but brown seeds can work too, although they are spicier.

Use mustard seeds when you prepare pickles, egg salad, mac and cheese, and a meat rub. If you don’t grind these seeds, you can still use them, but they will add crunch and have a more pungent flavor that lasts longer.

#3. Horseradish

Since ground mustard imparts some heat and sharpness to your dishes, using horseradish can be a good replacement.

Keep in mind that horseradish is much hotter than ground mustard, but it lasts only a few seconds. This ingredient is perfect for pickling vegetables, making egg salad or deviled eggs, and in marinades or rubs.

You can find horseradish in any grocery store, usually sold as a refrigerated paste that lasts for a long time. Use only about half a teaspoon of horseradish when you prepare a dish that requires one teaspoon of ground mustard.

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Best For Meatloaf, Dry Rub, and Cream Sauce

#4. Wasabi

Wasabi may seem like a weird choice, but it is a spicy alternative that can bring a touch of heat to your dish. This option is a bit herbal, very hot, and slightly pungent, so it will change your meal’s flavor quickly if you are not careful.

We suggest you use about ⅓ of what the recipe calls for, as it can be too strong.

Be mindful when using wasabi if you have a mustard allergy though, as it can contain dry mustard as an ingredient sometimes. Also, keep in mind that this paste is green and could alter the color of your dish, but it dissolves easily.

Use wasabi when preparing rub, cream sauce, pickled foods, and even in your meatloaf.

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#5. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a great spice that can offer color, flavor, and aroma. You can use turmeric when you want to replace ground mustard, especially in making meatloaf, dry rub, cream sauces, and pickled vegetables.

Use turmeric powder in the same amount that the recipe indicates, but consider that this choice will change the color of your meal.

Another reason to pick turmeric powder is that it is very healthy and nutritious. Turmeric is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Even if you don’t want to replace ground mustard with this choice, this is still a wonderful food to add to your diet.

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#6. Mayonnaise

While this choice isn’t ideal, it can work in certain scenarios. Mayonnaise is a good substitute for ground mustard when you have to prepare things like a cream sauce, dressing, marinade, or egg salad.

Remember that mayonnaise isn’t hot or pungent, so you should add some spices to make the flavor closer.

Use only about half of the amount that the recipe asks for, as mayonnaise can be thick and make the rest of the flavors less evident. Some spices to include are cumin, turmeric, pepper, and curry.

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Can I substitute yellow mustard for dry mustard?

Yes, substituting yellow mustard for dry mustard and vice versa is a great idea. You should use one tablespoon of yellow mustard for every one teaspoon of dry mustard. If you want to substitute yellow mustard, add a bit of water to your ground mustard and mix well.

Is mustard powder the same as ground mustard?

Yes, mustard powder is just another way to call ground mustard. Some other names include mustard flour and powdered mustard.

What does mustard powder add to a recipe?

Ground mustard serves many purposes in a recipe. It can add a bit of acid, heat, sharpness, and sweetness. Sometimes it can also act as a thickener and color additive for sauces.


Even though ground mustard is not an everyday spice, it is somewhat important in many dishes. If you find yourself in a pinch and can’t find it anywhere, try any of these six alternatives. Remember that each of these has its flavor and serves different purposes.

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