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Top 21 Foods That Start With Y

We all get bored of cooking the same dishes over and over again, so why not go through an alphabetical list? A good letter to try out is Y, as this list can include a wide variety of foods for you to try. Let’s dig into all the options out there! 

List of Foods that Begin With The Letter Y

Here’s our list of fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and whole foods that begin with letter Y:

Condiments, Spices, and Additives

#1 Yeast

If you like to bake, then you know yeast very well. This living microorganism is often part of breadmaking by acting as a leavening agent, but it can also be a part of fermentation in other foods. You can find yeast in various grocery stores or organic markets. 

#2 Yolk

We’re talking about the egg yolk here, which is a great additive to many dishes that need thickening or emulsifying. Egg yolks are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fat, making them a great nutrient to add to foods. You can buy eggs virtually everywhere these days. 

#3 Yogurt

This milk product is often consumed on its own as a snack or breakfast food, but it can also be an additive to make dishes creamier. Depending on the type of yogurt, it can be sweet, sour, or plain, which makes it great for various purposes. You can buy yogurt in any grocery or convenience store. 

Fruits and Vegetables

#4 Yuzu

Yuzu is a very popular fruit in Asian cuisine, and it is yellowish-green fruit from Japan. The flavor is a bit sour and sweet, so it is often added to fish dishes, desserts, and sauces. While yuzu may not be available everywhere, you may be able to find it at Asian food markets.  

#5 Yams

Originally from Africa, this starchy orange vegetable is sweet and very nutritious. Yams are popular in Thanksgiving, but they are also part of many Southern dishes, Latin American, and African cuisines. You can find yams in any organic market but you may have luck in a regular grocery store.

#6 Yuca

If you like Latin American food, then you probably have yuca regularly. This root vegetable is also known as cassava root, and it is often eaten boiled, roasted, fried, baked, or even as a powder to replace flour. Finding yuca may be a bit hard in some areas, but you can try an organic or farmer’s market. 

#7 Yali Pear

Yali pears are often called Chinese white pears and they have a slim shape with a long stem. You may find them in some Asian food markets, but they can be hard to find at times. These pears are often added to desserts or eaten fresh. 

#8 Yam Beans

Also known as jicama or Mexican turnip, yam beans are legumes, but only the root is edible. You can often find these in stir-fries, salads, or even sushi, but this food is more common in Latin America. If they are in season, you can find yam beans in organic markets or farmer’s markets. 

#9 Yellow Squash

This type of summer squash can be either yellow straightneck or crookneck squash, but it tastes sweet, mild, and it is tender. This squash now tends to be available year-round and it can go raw or cooked. You can use yellow squash in stir-fries, soups, salads, or as a side dish. 

#10 Yardlong Beans

Yardlong beans are also known as asparagus beans and they look like green beans. These long pods are often eaten sauteed, grilled, or baked. You can find yardlong beans in any grocery or organic market. 

#11 Yellow Bell Pepper

These peppers are the same as green bell peppers, except they get their yellow color by ripening longer. You can find yellow bell peppers at any grocery store, usually available year-round. Yellow bell pepper makes for great vegetarian dishes, stir-fries, salads, soups, and more. 

#12 Yacon

This root is original from South America, usually growing all around the Andes mountains. The flavor is sweet, so the root is both eaten as a side dish or instead turned into a dense syrup that is also a prebiotic food. You can find this root in some health stores or Latin American food markets. 

#13 Youngberry

This fruit is a hybrid between raspberries, blackberries, and the dewberry. The flavor is sweet and mildly tart, so it makes for a great base for jelly, jam, and preserves. While they aren’t very common, you can try to find them at a farmer’s market or organic store. 

#14 Yautia

Yautia is also another root from South America, and often gets called the “American taro.” Often, people eat yautia on its own as a side dish, or in soups and more, as it has a nutty and earthy flavor. You can find this root in some Latin American food markets or health stores.

Prepared Dishes

#15 Yakitori

The word yakitori means grilled chicken. This style of Japanese dish consists of chicken on skewers often seasoned with a sweet and salty sauce consisting of mirin, sake, soy sauce, and sugar. You can make this dish at home easily or order it at any Japanese restaurant. 

#16 Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a very traditional English dish, which consists of a baked pudding made with eggs, flour, milk, or water and filled with meat or sausage. These days, Yorkshire pudding is often served as part of a Sunday roast that includes roast meat, roast potatoes or mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and mint sauce. 

#17 Yiro

Sometimes this dish is also called gyro, and it consists of a warm pita bread filled with either lamb, pork, or chicken, as well as vegetables, like tomatoes, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce. You can find this food in many Mediterranean or Greek restaurants, but you can also make it at home easily. Some variations include cheeses, like feta or halloumi, as well as other sauces.  

#18 Yōkan

This is a Japanese dessert made with red bean paste, sugar, and agar. It has the consistency of thick jelly, but with a milky texture as well. You can make this dish at home or order it at a Japanese restaurant. 

Fish, Poultry, Meat, and Others

#19 Yabby

This is an Australian crustacean that is long and appears in different colors, including blue, black, and brown. Yabby is often prepared just like lobster, usually boiled and served with condiments. However, you can only find this animal in that area of the world and since it is endangered, you can only obtain it through permits. 

#20 Yellowfish Tuna

This species of tuna is also often called Yellowfish amberjack and it is a very large fish. While not common in every seafood restaurant, some Asian dishes contain it. You can find yellowfish in some seafood markets and sushi restaurants. 

Cocktails and Beverages

#21 Yellowbird

This cocktail is a classic drink made with rum, lime juice, triple sec, and Galliano liqueur. Traditionally from the Caribbean, this dish is often found in many tiki bars and at the beach. You can try to make it at home as well.


What fruit starts with a ‘Y’?

Some of the fruits that start with Y include yuzu, youngberry, and yali pear. You can find some of these fruits in specialty food stores or organic markets. 

What is a vegetable that starts with ‘y’?

Some of the vegetables that start with the letter Y include yuca, yardlong beans, yacon, and yautia. Most of these are root tubers that you can sometimes find near the potatoes at the organic market. 

Fast food that starts with Y?

Some fast-food restaurants start with the letter Y, but these are often regional. Examples include Yard House, Yankee Lobster, and YNot Pizza & Italian Cuisine. A more comprehensive list depends on where you live. 


If you are getting tired of cooking the same thing over and over again, why not try going with foods that start with the letter Y? These are all useful ingredients that will make your dishes stand out, plus you may find a new favorite food down the road. Happy cooking! 

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