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Can You Freeze Grapes?

Unlike berries and mangoes, grapes might not come into your mind when thinking of freezable fruits.

Guess what? Frozen grapes are amazing! They are healthy, tasty, and as versatile as fresh ones.

Freezing this summer fruit also has so many advantages, mainly to preserve your bountiful harvest and save your budget.

In this article, we walk you through great little tips to freeze grapes properly to keep them fresh much longer. Read on!

Various Methods In Freezing Grapes

Grapes are sweet and tasty. In the fridge, they only last for about a week or two, tops. For extra storage time, freezing is the easiest!

If you’re asking, which varieties are better to freeze? You can freeze any type of grapes, white or black (or red) such as Concorde, Muscadine, or cotton candy—really, the choice is yours.

Talking about the methods, you have a few options depending on how much effort you want to put in and how you plan to use them. (*)

  • 1. Freezing unsweetened grapes
  • 2. Freezing in syrup pack
  • 3. Freezing grape juice

Preparing Grapes for Freezing

Regardless of the freezing method you choose, always use the freshest, good-quality fruits. You can use any varieties you love, either seedless or with seeds. But, you need to remove all the seeds before freezing. 

Sort and select fresh grapes that look plump, bright in color, and are firmly attached to their stems. Don’t use moldy and decayed ones.

Remove the stem and wash them gently under running water. Seedless grapes can be frozen whole. Otherwise, cut them in half and remove the seeds with the point of a knife.

Now, let’s go through the simple guide for each freezing method.

How To Freeze Grapes (Whole & Halved)

Freezing unsweetened grapes is the easiest and simplest method. You can easily pull them straight from the freezer and serve them for healthy desserts. 

Here is how you should do it.

  • 1. Prepare grapes (sort, stem, wash).
  • 2. Drain excess water with a kitchen towel.
  • 3. Halve or leave seedless grapes whole.
  • Seedless varieties are more convenient to work with because you don’t need to halve them and remove the seeds.
  • 4. Line a parchment paper on a baking sheet.
  • 5. Lay the grapes in a single layer evenly. Make sure to leave enough space between them, so they can freeze individually.
  • 6. Flash-freeze for several hours until frozen solid.
  • 7. Once frozen, transfer to a resealable bag or freezer-safe container.
  • 8. Expel excess air from the bag and seal tightly.
  • 9. Write the freezing date and put it back in the freezer.

How To Freeze Grapes In Syrup

  • 1. Prepare grapes following the steps above (sort, stem, wash).
  • 2. Remove the seeds if not using seedless varieties.
  • 3. Prepare 40% syrup from 2 ¾ cups of sugar in 4 cups of lukewarm water. Stir gently until all the sugar is dissolved. Let the syrup cool completely.
  • 4. Pack the grapes in a freezer-safe container and pour the syrup. Make sure every single piece is covered in syrup.
  • 5. Place a crumpled parchment paper (or water-resistant paper) on top and press it down gently to keep the grapes stay under the syrup.
  • 6. Leave a headspace and seal the container tightly.
  • 7. Write the name and freezing date.
  • 8. Transfer to the freezer.

How To Freeze Grape Juice

  • 1. Sort, stem, wash, and crush grapes.
  • 2. Add 1 cup of water per gallon of crushed grapes.
  • 3. Simmer for ±10 minutes.
  • 4. Strain the juice and let it stand in the refrigerator overnight. Tartrate crystals and sediments will sink in the bottom.
  • 6. Pour the clear juice into a container or a freezer-safe glass.
  • 7. Leave a headspace and seal the container tightly.
  • 8. Write the name and freezing date.
  • 9. Transfer to the freezer.

Defrosting and Using Frozen Grapes

In general, sweetened fruits thaw faster than unsweetened ones. You can safely thaw them in the refrigerator, under running water, or in a microwave. (*)

Make sure the package doesn’t leak if thawing in cold water. For microwave thawing, always keep your eyes close and don’t overheat the fruits. Use the thawed fruits immediately.

If you’re on the lookout for a healthy snack idea, try frozen grapes! They are yummy and full of flavor. What’s best about them is that you don’t need to thaw them! You can quickly eat them straight from the freezer.

Apart from being tasty snacks, there are plenty of options to use up frozen grapes. They are also suitable to replace fresh grapes in recipes because they hold their colors, flavors, and shape.

Check the list below for ideas to use your supply.

  • make into green smoothies and slushie
  • serve with oatmeal and yogurt
  • use in baking, such as muffins, tarts, pies
  • throw in salads
  • atop of ice cream and cold desserts

How Long Can You Freeze Grapes?

Once frozen, grapes will last for at least 10 to 12 months, provided that they are adequately prepared, and your freezer is cold enough.

This storage time is only an estimate for the best flavors you can expect from the frozen fruit. Of course, you can stretch it a little longer. But, keep in mind that the fruits might take on freezer burn if stored too long.


Can you freeze grapes before making jelly?

Yes. Frozen grapes make delicious jelly for your PBJ. Follow our instructions above to freeze them for later use.

Are frozen grapes good for you?

According to the USDA, freezing doesn’t necessarily destroy the nutrients in foods. In other words, frozen grapes are just as nutritious as fresh ones.

What can I do with old grapes?

Use them up before they spoil or freeze for later. Grapes are one of the most versatile fruits for recipes, from appetizers to drinks to desserts. Or, turn them into delicious raisins.


Freezing is the easiest and no-brainer method to preserve fresh produce, including delicious grapes.

Whether having a bountiful harvest or finding a great deal, there’s always a reason to freeze grapes. They make tasty, healthy snacks for everyone.

For a hassle-free and easy method, try freezing whole, unsweetened seedless grapes. Alternatively, you can also freeze them in juice or in syrup. Either way, freezing allows you to store them for up to a year!

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