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Can You Refrigerate and Freeze Pecan Pie?

Pecan pie is one of those delectable desserts that complete your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Having an abundant amount of leftovers might be the best thing when a holiday season is over.

Dinners and desserts for the coming days are readily available in the fridge. But, when the leftovers are too much, is it possible to freeze leftover pecan pie?

Perhaps, you are considering prepping homemade pecan pie a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Can you freeze pecan pie for later?

Definitely, yes! Whether you have leftover pies or you plan to bake in advance for an upcoming party, rest assured that you can freeze pecan pie successfully!

Keep reading to find out the complete guide for freezing and reheating pecan pie.

The Best Way To Freeze Pecan Pie: Baked or Unbaked?

Sometimes we are too busy preparing one thing and another on the big day. We end up having no time to bake our family’s favorite desserts, like your grandma’s classic pecan pie.

Luckily, pecan pie freezes well, either baked or unbaked. The former saves you a lot more time on the big day. Simply thaw and reheat the pie, and it’s ready to serve.

You can also freeze unbaked pecan pie. Michigan University mentioned that unbaked pecan pie is one of those pies that freeze well. So, you can prepare the pie in advance, freeze it, and bake it later in the day. (*)

How To Freeze Baked Pecan Pie

Whether it’s a store-bought pie or a homemade one, leftover pecan pie freezes pretty well. Freezing pies can be quite tricky, so make sure to do it correctly.

Check our step-to-step guide below to freeze pecan pie successfully!

  • 1. Prepare and bake pecan pie according to your favorite recipe.
  • 2. Let the pie cool to room temperature. Skip this step if you buy a store-bought pie.
  • 3. Flash freeze pecan pie for  2 to 3 hours.
  • 4. Wrap it carefully in plastic wrap. Make sure the pie is completely covered. Add a second layer of aluminum foil wrap for double protection.
  • 5. Place the pie in a freezer-safe container.
  • 6. Mark the container with the freezing date. Also, writing the thawing and reheating procedure will help if you’re new to this.
  • 7. Transfer the package into the freezer.
  • 8. Check your freezer’s temperature regularly and maintain the temperature at 0 °F (−18 °C) or lower.

How To Freeze Unbaked Pecan Pie

Follow the steps below to freeze unbaked pecan pie.

  • 1. Prepare the pie dough and filling as usual.
  • 2. Roll the pie dough on the pie dish and pour the filling.
  • 3. Wrap or cover the assembled pie in plastic wrap and flash freeze for a couple of hours or so. Place it directly on the freezer shelf to keep it level.
  • 4. Once the pie is frozen, remove it from the freezer and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. Wrap it again in aluminum foil for double protection.
  • 5. Pack the wrapped pie in a freezer bag and seal tightly.
  • 6. Label with the freezing date and instructions on how to bake it.
  • 7. Freeze for later. Don’t stack other foods on top of the pie.

How Do You Defrost and Reheat Frozen Pecan Pie?

The safest method to defrost prepared foods is by placing them in the fridge. Simply leave frozen pecan pie in the refrigerator to thaw overnight. When it’s time to serve, reheat thawed pie in an oven at 350 °F for ± 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can thaw frozen pecan pie at room temperature for at least 15 minutes. Reheat thawed pie in the oven at 350 °F for ± 30 minutes. (*)

For frozen unbaked pecan pie, you can directly bake it without thawing. Simply remove the wrapping, bake it in the oven following the recipe, and add 15 to 30 minutes.

How Long Can You Freeze Pecan Pie?

Frozen pecan pie preserves its texture and taste for 2 to 4 months after freezing. Make sure to enjoy it within this period. It is possible to keep it longer but with lower quality, mainly due to the risk of freezer burn.


Does pecan pie need to be refrigerated?

Yes, pecan pie is prepared with egg-based fillings, making it perishable and should be kept refrigerated. Don’t leave pecan pie at room temperature longer than 2 hours.

How long is pecan pie good in the fridge?

Pecan pie stays fresh for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. Make sure to store it in a sealed, airtight container. If you need more time, consider freezing pecan pie to enjoy later.

Can you freeze raw pie dough?

Absolutely, yes. Pie dough freezes well up to around 6 months. You can make extra dough and freeze it. Frozen pie dough saves you a lot of time. Make sure to wrap it tightly in heavy-duty aluminum foil or plastic wrap and pack it in a freezer bag.

Take-Home Message

Pecan pie is a scrumptious dessert to serve on any dinner, let alone a special holiday dinner. Whether having leftover or baking ahead of time, you can freeze pecan pie for future serving.

Additionally, you can also freeze unbaked pecan pie. Prepare it in advance and bake it on the big day. Follow our tips above to successfully freeze pecan pie!

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