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3 Best Ways to Reheat Pancakes for an Easy Breakfast Throughout The Week

Freshly-baked pancakes are usually served as a weekend treat. But, if you love having them every day, try doubling or tripling the recipe and freezing them for your everyday breakfast throughout the week. When it’s time to eat, simply reheat them shortly before serving.

If you want to know how to reheat leftover pancakes without losing their fluffy texture and crispy edge, keep reading! In this article, we share the easiest ways to heat pancakes so that you can enjoy a decadent breakfast without a hassle!

How To Keep Pancakes Warm For A Crowd

A stack of warm, fluffy pancakes are definitely the best crowd-pleaser. However, it is almost a guarantee that the first plate will be cold by the time the last piece is ready to serve.

If you are preparing a massive batch for your big family, you may want to allow everybody to enjoy warm pancakes at the same time. There is actually a smart hack to do this.

In order to keep the fluffy breakfast warm, simply place them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 200 °F until you finish the last piece. This temperature should be enough to keep them warm without continuing to cook them.

Can You Reheat Pancakes?

Pancakes are one of the most versatile baked goods. You can get creative and use all sorts of ingredients you have in the kitchen to whip up different varieties of them, such as buttermilk, whole wheat, buckwheat, banana pancakes. They all stay fresh for up to 3 to 5 in the fridge. For more extended storage, try freezing them for up to 2 to 3 months.

When it’s time to serve, simply heat them up, and they should be ready in a few minutes! The challenge in reheating pancakes is doing it the right way, so they achieve the texture and flavor as close as possible to freshly-made ones.

Check our ultimate guide to heat up pancakes, so they stay fluffy and flavorful!

Reheating Pancakes In A Microwave

Reheating leftovers in a microwave is perfect when you’re in a rush. You can heat up both refrigerated or frozen pancakes. Here is how you can do it.

1. Lay one or more pieces on a plate or a microwave-safe dish.

For heating one piece, place it in the center of the plate. If you heat up more pieces at a time, choose a large plate and lay them in a single layer, so they are heated evenly.

2. Microwave for 15 to 30 seconds for a single piece to around 60 seconds for 4 to 5 pieces. Check and make sure that each pancake gets warm in the center part. Add additional time for reheating from frozen.

3. To crisp up the edges, finish in a toaster.

Reheating Pancakes In A Toaster

This technique is incredibly convenient to warm up a small batch. Think of when your kids want to grab breakfast real quick once they’re out of bed.

Plus, you don’t need to thaw them first. Simply toast them a bit longer to heat them, and they should be ready for a quick breakfast!

Here is how to reheat pancakes in a toaster:

1. Place one piece in each toaster slot.

2. Set the toaster to a moderate heat setting. You might want to experiment with your toaster. But, it is better to stay on the safe side rather than burn your fluffy breakfast.

Oversee the pancakes carefully because the edges tend to burn quickly if you set the heat too high.

Reheating Pancakes In An Oven

Reheating in an oven might not be a go-to option during a hot summer day. But, it is excellent to heat up a large batch. So, if you make the pancakes ahead of time, freeze them, and plan to serve them over a family gathering, this is a great option.

1. Preheat your oven to 350 to 375 °F (or 176.6 to 190.5 °C).

2. On a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, place the pancakes in a single layer and cover them with aluminum foil. Wrapping them in foil helps retain the moisture, so they turn out fluffy instead of dried out.

3. Bake for ± 10 minutes or until they are heated all the way through. Put them back in the oven if they are not warm enough.



Pancakes are everyone’s favorite breakfast. If you love having these beauties not only during the weekend, you can make a huge batch and freeze them. Reheat them quickly in a microwave or a toaster for your everyday breakfast. Or, heat them up in an oven to serve a crowd.

Follow our tips to reheat pancakes the right way so that you can enjoy the fluffiest breakfast all weekdays!

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