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2 Best Ways To Reheat Stuffed Peppers

Packed with flavors and filled with juicy stuffing, it’s hard to beat stuffed peppers as family favorites. A classic recipe typically calls for ground beef, onion, tomato, rice, vegetables, Italian seasoning, and of course topped with lots of cheese.

Luckily, bell peppers are an incredible vessel for various stuffing and hold up the structure very well in the oven.  So, you can always swap the meat with turkey, chicken and even make it vegetarian. You can practically use any ingredients you have in the kitchen.

As you would have known, stuffed bell peppers are one of those recipes that are bound to be prepared in large quantities. This might sound daunting if you live alone.

But, guess what. Even the leftovers taste just as phenomenal! Whether you live alone or in a big family, you can always make an entire batch and freeze some pieces for a quick meal during busy days!

Stuffed peppers are a great choice for make-ahead and freezer meals. The only thing to do is heat up stuffed peppers properly, so they look and taste as wonderful as fresh off the oven!

Keep reading to learn the simple ways how to reheat stuffed peppers for your quick lunch, dinner, or any meal of the day!

Option 1: Reheating Stuffed Peppers in A Microwave

There are two easy ways to reheat stuffed peppers, in the oven or in the microwave. Either way, they should be reheated thoroughly until the interior reaches a safe temperature of 165 °F.

Let’s start with everyone’s go-to option, the microwave. It’s completely convenient and a no-brainer. Fortunately, this savory baked dish reheats pretty well in this appliance.

The only drawback is the peppers tend to become soggy and watery. Other than that, reheating in the microwave is a decent way when you’re in a hurry or to reheat one portion size. Rest assured, you can bring some leftovers to work and make your colleagues jealous with your warm, mouthwatering lunch!

Here is how to heat up leftover stuffed peppers in the microwave:

1. Place the pieces on a suitable plate or container with the top side facing upward. Be careful when transferring them to the plate, so the filling won’t leak out.

2. Microwave for ± 2 minutes over high power. After that, check and see if they are already reheated thoroughly to the center. If not, continue reheating at 15-second intervals.

Stop immediately once they are steaming hot. If heated up for too long, the peppers will be overcooked, resulting in a mushy and watery texture.

3. Finally, it’s time to serve!

Option 2: Reheating Stuffed Peppers in the Oven

To reheat a large portion, your oven is the best method. You can reheat several pieces at a time without worrying that they won’t be reheated evenly.

Keep in mind to leave enough space between them and never stack them. If dealing with tons of them, better to work in several rounds.

Here is how to warm up stuffed peppers in the oven:

1. Preheat your oven to 350 °F (176 °C). This temperature is ideal for reheating properly without burning the food.

2. Lay the stuffed peppers on a casserole pan or a baking sheet, as long as the vessel fits their height. Place them with the top side facing upward. Leave enough space between them and don’t put them on top of each other.

3. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for ± 15 minutes.

4. Next, carefully remove the foil. Return the dish back to the oven and bake for another 5 minutes. This second stage of baking aims to melt the cheese and crisp up the edges.

5. When they are bubbly and nicely reheated, it’s done! Remove from the oven, transfer to a serving plate, and enjoy immediately.


The Bottom Line

Stuffed peppers are usually a big hit in parties and potluck dinners. They are also an excellent choice for a make-ahead freezer meal.

Whether you have frozen stuffed peppers or leftovers, this baked dish reheats wonderfully and can taste like its fresh counterpart.

The best reheating method is using the oven. But, if you plan to bring leftovers to work, you can undoubtedly reheat them in the microwave. No-fuss, no hassle.

Check our step-to-step guide to reheat stuffed peppers, so they taste as wonderful as freshly baked!

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