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How To Reheat Nachos: 2 Only Best Ways to Stay Crispy, Not Soggy

Nachos are best enjoyed freshly baked because the chips get soggy and stale pretty quickly. Thus, it is highly recommended to make enough for one sitting.

But, sometimes we make a little too much. So, what can you do with leftover nachos? Can you reheat nachos with toppings without getting soggy?

Absolutely, yes. Nobody likes soggy nachos. This article shares the easy tricks to heat up leftover nachos, so they taste as delicious as their fresh counterparts.

What is The Best Way to Reheat Nachos?

Nachos are great for snacks, appetizers, even for a casual dinner with family and friends. The beauty of this Mexican dish is its versatility. You can add your favorite toppings – from beef, cheese, salsa, and guacamole – anything to your liking.

While freshly baked nachos taste the most delicious, any leftovers shouldn’t be less worthy. The key to bringing them back to life is good reheating.

You want the tortilla chips to be as crunchy as possible, just like when they were out of the oven for the first time. That said, your microwave is not the way to go.

Microwaving nachos results in soft and soggy chips. Instead of ruining your hard work, it’s better to spare a few more minutes to warm up nachos in the oven or stovetop.

Next, you need to remove any cold toppings such as salsa, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, etc. You want them to remain cold. You can always put them back later before serving. Better yet, you can replace them with fresher ingredients.

In a nutshell, there are two things to keep in mind before reheating to make nachos crispy again.

1. Don’t microwave them unless you have no other option.

2. Scoop out any cold toppings.

Reheating Nachos In An Oven

Before you put your leftovers in the oven, check and make sure that they are still fresh. Otherwise, they aren’t worth your effort. Better whip up a new batch. Some people might use a toaster oven or an air fryer too. This also works for reheating tacos.

  • 1. Preheat the oven to 225 to 300 °F.
  • 2. Remove any cold toppings, place nachos in an oven-safe dish or a baking tray, and cover with aluminum foil.
  • 4. Bake for about 5 to 25 minutes, depending on the portions and the crunchiness you desire. If using a higher temperature, you can reduce the baking time.
  • 5. Take them out once they are heated all the way through. Be careful not to burn yourself when removing the foil.
  • 6. Let them rest for a few minutes on the counter.
  • 7. Finally, add the cold toppings and serve immediately!

Reheating Nachos on a Stove Top

If you don’t have enough time to reheat in the oven, heat them up in a skillet. It is quick, ready in under 10 minutes, and perfect to prepare a small portion.

  • 1. Scrape off the cold ingredients.
  • 2. Pick a skillet that’s large enough to contain the nachos and spray the surface with cooking spray. Spread the nachos evenly and carefully on the skillet.
  • 3. Cover the pan with aluminum foil.
  • 4. Turn on the stove and heat up for about 5 minutes on medium heat until the tortilla chips are crispy and the cheese melts perfectly. Avoid using high heat, so you won’t burn the nacho chips or the melted cheese.
  • 5. Once ready, top with your favorite toppings and condiments, and serve!


Take Away Messages

Although it seems like a no-brainer, reheating nachos can easily go wrong if not done correctly. If the nachos have cold toppings such as sour cream and guacamole, make sure to scrape them off before reheating.

You can reheat them quickly in an oven or skillet, but not in a microwave. Follow our step-by-step guide and tips on how to heat up nachos and your leftover nachos will stay as crispy and tasty as ever!

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